You are a superhero

Sunir Shah, who now works at Freshbooks has started a series of posts called “Entrepreneurs are superheroes“.

Entrepreneurism is in my blood. My parents both came from Kenya, where they were children of retailers and industrialites. In fact, I come from from a long line of entrepreneurs escaping poverty in India.

They worked hard, starting by laying the ties of the Kenyan railway at the turn of the 20th century to becoming one of the core commercial classes at the turn of the 21st. What was their motivation? Getting others like themselves out of poverty in India on towards a better life. Now, my generation is leaving Kenya for England, Australia, and in my case North America to start the cycle once again.

Sunir is profiling Entrepreneurs. Something like this would be more at home on Startupnorth, but hey, what can ya do? Freshbooks did a smart thing in hiring Sunir to help do things like this.

Thanks Freshbooks and Sunir. We are looking forward to seeing the profiles role in!

So far, Sunir has 3 profiles: