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2 days ago

Incorporation question: Can anyone advise on pros and cons of incorporating in Canada versus the US? Context: I'm based in the US, dual-citizenship, and my co-founder is Canadian and based in Nova Scotia. We're about ready to incorporate and have heard good arguments for both sides. We will go to a lawyer, and I'm sure they'll have insights but ideally, I'd like to go in to that conversation with an opinion, perhaps even a strong preference :)
· Our HQ can be anywhere, we'll be building the company remotely for the foreseeable future (hiring talent in either country is a possibility)
· Our model is B2B SaaS, and the market would be US, Canada, and Europe to begin.
· We have interested investors in the US and Canada (and have raised from angels on both sides of the border in the past)
What should we consider? Is it just a coin-flip? Any horror stories either way?
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Three factors I'd think about: 1. employee base 2. long-term goals and how location might impact it 3. easy of getting started 1. You said the employee base will be remote, so that might not matter. 2. Another factor to think about is your long-term plans for the company. If you're planning to exit eventually (vs hold and run forever) and most buyers are in the US, the transaction is slightly less complicated within borders than across borders. Acq across borders needs some 3. At this stage though, it's probably more important to just get off the ground. So if it's easier to incorporate in the US because of easier paperwork/templates/etc, just do that. At this point, goal should just be to get started. Rest of the problems will be nice problems to have when they matter. My 2c. Good luck.

You'll need to incorporate in order to employ people in either place (or leverage a PEO). So there's that factor. Then you also need to think about where your revenue is coming from and the tax implications. Another option is to incorporate in both countries. I think an accountant + lawyer are probably best to advise on this.

Where will you live? Paying yourself in Cda from a US entity could result in withholding tax. Start with a good cross border tax accountant and then go to a lawyer. I’m one

Why not: both? Then you can leverage grants, contests, and tax credits on both sides of the border. You'll just have to decide which of the two companies owns the software, and which of them has an irrevokable infinite free license to it... or something along those lines.

Canadian side is appealing with Lifetime Capital Gains Exemption providing a significant tax savings if you sell your company down the road - check criteria to qualify (CCPC, assets mostly used for biz in Canada, etc). Not sure if a similar tax incentive is available down south

I’d agree with the comment re talking to a cross border tax specialist before anyone else. I’m an accountant with my own practice n would not myself proceed without doing the same. I can refer you to someone if you’d like. I’ve had nothing but great experiences with Elena Hanson based in Oakville. Happy to connect you or provide further details if you are interested. Thx

Jack Bensimon

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10 hours ago

Hi everyone!
Apparently one trend from silicon valley startups (and I don't know to what extent in Canada) is to have 'professional couples' therapy (ie. for non-romantic partners like co-founders, colleagues, etc).
Is anyone aware of any professionals who deliver this type of service? Either Canadian or American is ok.
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Esther Perel (based in NY) does this and some sessions are used for her podcast "How's Work?" , but I'm sure there's a waiting list for her, maybe if you search her name other similar type therapists will come up.

2 days ago

Hope everyone is enjoying summer.
I am looking for copyright lawyer or some with knowledge of copyright and crypto laws for a start up idea i am working on. Any references or recommendations will be highly appreciated.
Thank you
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This firm is good - no sure if they no about crypto but worth a shot!

Jim Hinton at Own Innovation in KW

Vandana Taxali knows Crypto and Copyright!

2 days ago

Hi folks! 👋 Any recommendations for a creator/influencer agency? Ideally someone who is performance driven and have experiences in consumer software/mobile apps. Thanks! ... See MoreSee Less

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Hi Allen Zhang, the The Notable Group can totally help. Please reach out anytime!


I second #paid

4 days ago

Hey everyone! A friend runs a consignment store on Instagram & is looking for software that can streamline it. She’s assessed Ricochet and a couple others but none have the full feature set she needs. Does anyone know of any software for managing online (not retail) consignment stores? ... See MoreSee Less

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Erin Bury - would be more than happy to chat with them if that'd be helpful

4 days ago

What is the best way to find which keywords would be best for my project? Right now i plan to blog and need to figure out which keywords to focus on.
Im sure its been asked many times, but im a newbie and would love if members of this group could steer me in the right direction.
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First step: figure out who all your competitors are. Both direct and indirect. Second step: Write down all the keywords and key phrases you THINK you want to rank for. After you've done that in the dark, scrape your competitors using some SEO tools to figure out what keywords THEY rank for (you might be surprised, there are a probably a bunch you hadn't thought of). Third step: Look for keywords related to all of these keywords as well. Basically, you use your first set of keywords to create an even more expanded set of keywords. Fourth step: Now that you have a massive list of possible keywords in front of you, decide which keywords you want to try to rank for, based on data around how people are searching for those things in the geopgraphical area you serve and how hard it will be to rank for that particular keyword.

If you decide you want some help, apply for the Federal government's canada digital adoption program, and I can connect you with a friend who is an approved vendor under that program so you can get some SEO help for free.

2 weeks ago

Anyone used a marketplace builder they like? I want to tinker with an idea.

Something like an Etsy platform, not Shopify.
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Check out Nautical Commerce.

We built a custom marketplace at Naborino and built the MVP on Shopify. It's not ideal for a marketplace but I didn't find a "marketplace builder" on the market that was a fit.

Yea. We built a marketplace on woocommerce using a marketplace plugin. It was okay .. we changed business models after a few weeks of using it and ended up selling the company in 8 months. Glad we changed changed model!

Check out MarketBox if it’s a service marketplace:

Have you looked at Sharetribe?


Hey Freddie! We went to high school together, and I’ve spent the majority of the time since building online marketplaces (CareGuide, etc). PM me anytime

Squarespace is relatively easy to work with, especially if you're just building out a simple MVP

Check out www.AltHealth.Me. We use

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3 weeks ago

I'm considering attending Collision or sending a team member there but I'm having trouble getting my head around whether the value is right. Are there ample opportunities to connect with ecommerce brands or agency partners, or is Collision more about just all things tech? ... See MoreSee Less

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The conference scope is startups more generally but there are a lot of people from many different industries and many people coming in from outside of Canada. You'll get the most value from it if you start booking meetings in advance of the conference with relevant people/companies coming in from outside of Toronto. The conference app has a directory of everyone attending and you can search by industry (as long as people have filled out their profiles).

3 weeks ago

I'm looking for someone who's worked with Figma, and made it into a fully functioning website based off what was built in Figma.

Edit 7hrs after posting - I’m building a prototype in Figma, targeting July for completion. I’d like to connect with someone familiar with it, to make sure it’ll do what I want it to, before it goes live.
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You have questions about it?

Check out Snap Pea Design. Used them before and it worked out great.

Your ask is somewhat unclear. Are you looking for an agency or freelancer to build you a prototype for a website and your preferred prototyping tool is Figma?

Our agency has experience. We had a layout designed in Figma sent to us and we built a site out of it. If you have more info or questions, pm me.

Hey Freddie Bee just sent you a DM

Hey Freddie Bee I'd love to help you out with this! I create stunning, high quality, custom websites on WordPress. I'll send you a DM to chat more 🙂 You can check out my agency at

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3 weeks ago

Someone I know looking for some advice and guidance advice on SEO strategy and Web design.
Can someone spare 15 mins?
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Sure Staci Joelle Feel free to DM!

New Digital (

Staci Joelle I can help you out so feel free to contact me. :)

Hi Staci Joelle I just sent you a DM

Happy to chat - [email protected]

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3 weeks ago

Hi everyone, we are moving offices on Monday and are hoping to give away our individual desk pods for Free. We have 9 in total. 6 part of the unit below and a 3 unit one as well. In excellent condition. Would require a mover to disassemble and move them. Please let me know if anyone is interested. ... See MoreSee Less

Hi everyone, we are moving offices on Monday and are hoping to give away our individual desk pods for Free. We have 9 in total. 6 part of the unit below and a 3 unit one as well. In excellent condition. Would require a mover to disassemble and move them. Please let me know if anyone is interested.

Comment on Facebook Hi everyone, we are ...

Ryan Speers

Sending you a pm


DM you Jack Bensimon

These are still available if anyone is interested. Theyre connected to the power and would need an electrician to disconnect them from the power. Needs to be gone tomorrow if anyone is interested

The desks have been fully disassembled and arent connected to the power anymore. Needs to be gone this evening. The desks are in great condition

Would you ship them to Galway please?

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4 weeks ago

Who / which agency is the best website designer you know/recommend 👀 ... See MoreSee Less

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Hi there, We aren't web designers, we're business strategy designers. This means that we offer full, tailored solutions that incorporate all digital marketing strategies to maximize your return. Even a good web designer will not set up your SEO or landing pages for you. If you work with us, we design your web presence around SEO and conversions. Feel free to reach out to discuss your needs

Jennifer Turliuk Drop me a message to discuss your project in detail and I'll share my sample work as well also I can arrange a consultation for you which doesn't cost you anything.

Aaron Morris is the best and reliable web dev I know so far ❤ I'm sure he'll help you with this

Hey Jennifer Turliuk, I can help you with Website development at an affordable price DM me to discuss further.

Gerald Whitlock made my website and he's very good with it. Highly recommended. Get in touch with him or contact me if you want his details.

Pm me. We do digital strategy and web design.

I’m a little biased 😁

What type of site are you looking to build? If it’s eComm, I have a few reccos.

Throwing my hat in the ring! We’re UI/UX specialists for tech start ups Iris Design Collaborative 😄

Hi Jennifer! I'd love to put my company's name for the consideration.

Me. If you want stuff no one else has.

Our experts adopt agile for UI/UX in order to deliver a design that improves your overall convergence rate by understanding your product and service while working with you on multiple iterations. If you are building an app or web-app then we use different techniques that maximize the chance of your MVP to create a product/market fit Check our “projects” page and instagram to get an idea about the work we have delivered for our clients to standout in the market. You can reach us through instagram or contact us page on our website.

We are 😅

We do websites (all custom work), software, apps, marketing.

Hey Jennifer - Tom and Sarah at Day Shift Digital are pretty fantastic. Tom Haxel


Inbox me

Definitely Dorit SF

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1 month ago

Does anyone have open office space in downtown Toronto, that wouldn't mind helping to host a ML-focused meetup event?

Thanks in advance!
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For how many people? DM me the details pls

Download the JustBoardrooms app, it will find any type of meeting space you need.

We can set you up through a space in the Flexday platform...largest flexible workspace network in Canada!

Which meetup

Megan Anderson

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4 weeks ago

Does anyone recommend a cybersecurity company that is startup-friendly? ... See MoreSee Less

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Nouhaila - if you’re still looking, feel free to DM me

We are most probably not the right fit but happy to share the best practises for startup if you can point to areas of concerns

I have a number of great options (I run a privacy/cyber/data consulting firm) - feel free to DM with your needs. We have great technical security partners. If non-technical, we can help!

Michelene Maguire Netmon?


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4 weeks ago

Is there any group or company who will take away about a dozen chairs and desks and a table? I don't want to piece it out to individuals - just looking for someone to commit to taking the whole batch. Stuff is at SmartStop at Dupont and Dufferin. Tossed it all in storage early in pandemic, looks like we won't need any of it. ... See MoreSee Less

4 weeks ago

Calling all entrepreneurs!
Hello everyone, I'm looking for guests to interview on my podcast. We talk about your journey as an entrepreneur and what you've learned a long the way, to inspire others and grow a community!
I won't plug the name of it but if you are interested, send me a DM!
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Pm you :)


Marty I’d be happy to help fill your guest line up. Email me [email protected]

Hi Matty. I'd love to do this. Feel free to DM.

Not sure if I would quality but I'm a freelancer and I own a company called Graphic Design Halifax - would love to try it out

Happy to chat about growing my team, mistakes made along the way, and what we are seeing in marketing and automation in 2022.

Would be great to get on. 25 years in tech. 25 years helping startups with digital marketing. Countless failures. Never giving up. I think I'm on attempt #20 I think. I'm actually interviewing crypto founders as well at 🙂

Hey Matty I DM’d you!


Talk to Erin Bury she’s amazing and has a killer story.

Here to help if you need me. 22 years and still loving it

Can I nominate Ben Lucier? I think he's had an interesting career journey and has often shared great learnings and insights he's gained along the way. Plus he's just a good dude

Get Myra Arshad on it!

What’s the podcast called Matty? Erin and Adam would be stellar guests

Carrie Thomas would be great

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4 weeks ago

Hey! I’m on the investment team at MassLight, and I just wanted everyone to be aware that we’re actively looking for new startups to invest in. We invest capital, full-time tech team and mentors. Our terms are negotiable based on a startups stage. ... See MoreSee Less

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Welcome! Want to tell the folks which sectors you focus on?

Hey there! My company InVintory is currently going through our seed round. We've secured roughly 1/4 of our round, still actively looking for a lead investor. In a nutshell, our mission is to create a marketplace in the wine industry through our consumer SaaS offering & B2B opportunities. To distill it down into one sentence, we aim to be the "Strava For Wine". If you're interested, we'd love to the opportunity to pitch you.

Open to startups from which Geos?

Hey check inbox, thanks.

How early? Seed? Series A, B? Pre Revenue ?

Sent you a DM

Michelene Maguire

Sent you a PM

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4 weeks ago

Hey Everyone!

I'm looking for a unique space in Downtown Toronto to host my team for half a day/full day. We're a fully remote team, so this is the first time we're meeting in person. We have a few space requirements:

1. I'd like to host lunch there
1. We need a space/table for a team strategy session
1. I'm hiring a photographer to take headshots for everyone

I welcome all suggestions! Thanks!
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Steve Waugh and his brewery would be an awesome place

We used the bunker @ Project Spaces for a team whiteboarding day during the pandemic. It was super productive for us. We brought lunch into the room, went to a patio afterwards (maybe good for photos) and were able to breakout into their open offices

There is an app for this: shout out to Toronto startup Flexday

It’s easy to search by meeting room amenities on Deskpass!

Spend the day down on the waterfront at The Henley Room

Juno College

StartWell. I love their space and they meet all your requirements. Qasim Virjee can help 😎

Loco Space is super vibrant, perfect for team photos and the folks at Project Spaces are lovely!

We are Queen West with brick walls and other options for headshots. Depends on the size of the team but feel free to send me a DM.

Depending on your team size, our company rented out a WeWork conference room for ~30 people

Come by StartWell - feel free to email me at [email protected] with questions

Viji B would be a great photographer to consider for (3).

Check out Flexday - I guarantee they have excellent options for you!

Seriously go with York Mills Gallery. or Eglinton West Gallery.

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