Real Ventures closes

Real VenturesThis is great news for Canada, well at least Quebec until additional funds close. Real Ventures has launched today. With both JS Cournoyer and Mark MacLeod writing about the close of approximately $40MM of money that must be invested in Quebec. They are actively looking for seed investments in Quebec software, SaaS and Internet deals.

“We are seed investors in software startups based primarily in Quebec, though we will do deals in other markets. We like to be 1st money in and like to lead. We can do seed rounds in the six figures to get a product in market and can participate in series A follow ons for those companies that are hitting the gas pedal.” – Mark MacLeod

The great part about Real Ventures is the pedigree. The team is: John Stokes, JS Cournoyer, Mark MacLeod and Austin Hill. These are world class investors, entrepreneurs, executives and people who have had a hand in shaping policy, companies and entrepreneurs over the past few years.

“For those of you who don’t know, Montreal Startup is a $5M seed fund that was founded by John StokesDaniel DrouetAlan MacIntoshAustin Hill, and yours trulyMark MacLeod has since joined the team for Real Ventures. We invested in 15 web, mobile and software companies between February 2008 and March 2010, including Beyond The RackStatus.netWhatsnexxVanilla Forums,RecosetmConciergeOneeko and SocialGrapes. For the majority of our investments, we were the first money in, acting as the lead investor. We hold board seats in most companies.” – JS Cournoyer

Real Ventures is the real deal. Any entrepreneur in Quebec looking to raise a seed round should be talking to Real Ventures.

Congratulations guys, here’s to closing some money that can be deployed in Ontario.