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topnav_r1_c1.jpgProtagonize, a project launched by Vancouver native Nick Bouton is a new collaborative creative writing site that lets a group of people create choose-your-own-adventure stories together.

There seems to be a lot of activity on the site already, and I can understand that there is probably a large community of CYOA enthusiasts who will flock to something like this. We have already seen another startup in this space, litterary, which has a more general focus on group writing, but has the same core service.

These services are first and foremost about building up strong user communities. If Protagonize or Litterary are successful in doing that, then there are a lot of opportunities to build revenue, but it doesn’t work the other way around.

Protagonize is significantly far along as far as social features. Almost everything can be rated, altered and collaborated on by the audience. “Choose your own” options are called branches and the popularity of branches are tracked as well as who created them and there is also the ability to add your own bookmarks along the way when you are reading a story.

Contact: Nick Bouton

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