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AideRSS Announces Google Reader Integration

AideRSS, who we originally covered last July, and who recently took funding from TechCapital Partners in Waterloo, are announcing integration with Google Reader today.

The extension, which comes in the form of a Firefox plugin, gives AideRSS its first opportunity to hook in to the everyday workflow of heavy RSS users. Until now, You more or less had to go to to make use of their tool. Building a Firefox extension like this will give them additional reach.

The appeal to the end user is that you can use AideRSS as an initial filter for your feeds. Getting up in the morning and seeing that you have 500 unread items is painful, and I know that I will enjoy having a first line of defense.

So, we have for you, our lucky readers, 50 invitations that will get you in on the ground floor of the beta. Get em while they’re hot.