in News – Welcome to the family

Our CEO and mascot, David Crow, is going live today with, the latest addition to our little family of blogs alongside Wirelessnorth. David will be profiling what is working, and what isn’t, in Canada’s communities both online and off.

CommunityNorth is a project to profile Canadian communities and the best examples of community marketing, social capital, building meaningful relationships and evangelism practices.

File PhotoFor all of the people out there who call themselves “Community Marketers”, “Social Media Consultants” and everything else, David is the one guy who has really done it in Canada. There simply aren’t any other people who have built sustainable online/offline hybrid communities the way he has managed to do.

So, here is your chance to learn from the best. I know I took notes from David for years and I owe him credit for equipping me to get StartupNorth off the ground.

Oh, and apologies for how ugly all these blogs are. We are working on that.