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Mercury Rising: Watch a Startup reinvent itself

The guys at MercuryGrove, who last year came out with a product called Web Groups are now reinventing themselves as a multiple product company. In the next few months they will be re-developing Web Groups and introducing a new set of products, including a CRM, an E-Mail Campaign Manager, and finally something called a “Customer Page“, that provides an easier way of working with customers.

I have had the chance to get to know Scott Annan over the last few years, and he has been one of the guys behind StartupOttawa, so it is cool to see him show some of the inner workings of MercuryGrove.

There is no doubt that this is partially just a PR stunt, but that is fine with me, because Scott has all the street cred he needs and I know that he does the right thing for the Ottawa community every chance he gets.

I’ll be watching along, and we will post some updates here. Follow along on the blog.