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Riding a Mega-Trend Isn’t the Same as Solving a Real Problem

Ben Yoskovitz just nailed a big issue that a lot of startups need to come to terms with: A trend is not a marketplace

But be careful. Riding a mega-trend isn’t the same as solving a real problem. Big, bold statements are great. Startups can very effectively align themselves with mega-trends. But it’s equally important to peel away the big numbers, inevitable trends, and macro factors that seemingly drive opportunity — and get into the nitty gritty details.

Trends can be powerful and they can distract you from building a sustainable business before you even realize they are, in fact, just a trend. Like platforms, developing on top of a trend takes a certain skill, and a lot of good timing.

There are a few people who are able to see through a trend to the core problem that sits at the middle of it. Howard Lindzon is someone I admire for his ability cut through the bullshit of a trend and also when to get off the wave.