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Quebec City based Poly9 group acquired by Apple

Techcrunch is reporting that Quebec City based Poly9 group has been acquired by apple. Details are thin and it looks like the team has gone dormant.

It will be interesting to find out exactly what has transacted in this case. Just last night I was telling David that Quebec City is consistently underrated for startup potential in Canada.

We have been tracking Poly9 since they added themselves to the startupindex.

Poly9 is a technology studio in Quebec City specializing in 2D & 3D web mapping, and interactive media.

Since 2005, we have designed and developed some of the most exciting and popular web mapping applications for major clients. We are also behind highly visible Google Gadgets, running on iGoogle and the Google Gadget Ads platforms. Take a look for yourself at the Our work page.

Our company’s flagship product, Poly9 FreeEarth, is the first geographic 3D globe that works in all browsers, and does not require any download or installation.