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Our friends over at Extreme Venture Partners have announced the recruitment for the Summer 2011 Cohort of the Extreme University. We written about the past programs:

The program has historically taken entrepreneurs that need to develop and grow. It has provided them with funding, space, education, access to some of the best entrepreneurs, marketers, business developers and engineers around. While the timeline for success has been different, the companies like Visibli, Uken Games, and Locationary have grown into 3 very strong, very hot Toronto based startups.

The 2011 Program has been updated based on the learnings from the past 2 years. Accepted entrepreneurs get:

  • Seed capital
  • Mentorship
  • Collaborative office space and shared resources
  • Shared Expertise
  • Network and Connections

We can argue about if this is fair market value or not, when compared to other seed programs. The Extreme Ventures team is revamping the details of the program. The changes take one of the best programs available and make it even more compelling for eager, resourceful entrepreneurs. It will really redefine incubator programs.

Why do I say that? Well I spent the first 3 months of development at Influitive living in the XtremeLabs space with the 2009 & 2010 cohorts. I chose to bring my startup and cofounders into this environment because it is the best in Toronto. There is an energy, a vibe of entrepreneurship, community, support and shared pain. There are world-class people like Fred Wilson that visit at the invitation of your office mates (thank you William). XtremeLabs and Extreme VP are launching world-class efforts like Hatch Labs with IAC will continue to bring the best in the world through the space. It is a great environment with the best people I have worked with anywhere – looking at you Farhan Thawar (@fnthawar) and Rick Segal (@ricksegal). All entrepreneurs can benefit from just being in the environment.

Who are they looking for?

We fund technology-oriented companies, with a focus on web or mobile-based software, but we are open minded to different ideas. We are looking for smart and fast-moving teams to participate. Typically all members of the two-four person teams will have strong technical abilities. We are looking for founders who have a unique understanding of a real customer problem and an innovative idea for solving that problem.

If you’re a startup looking for my personal favorite shared space and program you should consider applying to ExtremeU.


  1. +1 for your assessment of the work environment in the EVP office space.

    I’ve been working for the past 3 years with Eqentia and Xtreme Labs here in the EVP offices… there’s lots of innovation, co-mingling of ideas and camaraderie and its no surprise there’s so many cool things going on around here.

    Pretty much a spot in Xtreme U is a must for any young and hungry team looking to make a splash in mobile or on the web, you’ll get everything you need & more to get started. The core of it is that you’ll really learn what its like to EXECUTE and create an awesome experience for your future users and clients!

  2. Could you Please Post how to apply at ExtremeU. I want to contact them with my hot tech ideas. Thanks

  3. Could Someone provide details on how to apply to ExtremeU. Thanks, Gabriel

  4. Sunny and Amar like investing in hot hot hot ideas. I think without the hyperbole they might undervalue the pre-money valuation.

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