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Housecleaning and what’s next for StartupNorth

We have a little house cleaning to do here. We are starting to pick up the pace with posts but we are still missing a lot of good stuff. A lot of it gets posted to our Twitter account but since we stopped the Weekly Reading posts, many of you are missing those.

  • First off it is worth mentioning that things seem to be heating up in Waterloo, Toronto and Montreal. We are seeing acquisitions picking up pace and I think that will continue for the next year at least. The overall level of activity in these cities has been staggering
  • We are tracking almost a dozen “any day now” acquisitions and look forward to posting them. Of course we are a very discreet bunch so we don’t make a peep in advance. Some people could learn from us on that front I think.
  • So while things are really taking off in those cities, I am wondering what is happening everywhere else? Where is the action in Edmonton, Vancouver, Halifax, Calgary, Ottawa and Quebec City? Let’s get more of the great stories from those cities told.
  • Congrats to Lymbix on closing a financing with Growthworks Atlantic. That is $1.35m more in for a total of almost $4million in. Growthworks continues to be a source of needed capital in Canada and they continue to play in places others don’t seem to have an appetite for. Thanks guys.

We have some very cool things in the pipe. Taking on sponsorship has helped us reinvest in StartupNorth and we owe a big thanks to KPMG and VMFarms for that. We have two very cool changes on the way and the result will be a very different StartupNorth. We think there is a lot of great content out there for Canadian startups now. The news and events that never used to get coverage are all well reported on both via blogs and twitter.

I see our role changing to focus more on:

  • Direct support. We are going to focus more on connecting great startups with the right resources. There are a lot of great folks who have reached out to us over the years who are willing to help out and we think it is time to take them up on their offer.
  • Advocacy. Startups are not on the economic or political radar in Canada. It is sad and we think there are some things we can do to change that. Our activities will piss some people off and will hopefully inspire others. Either way, are going for broke.
  • Data. To advocate for startups you need a clear picture of what is happening. We have some very cool updates coming to StartupIndex and we hope it will be a powerful tool for the entire community.
  • Events. Grassroots events off the beaten path. It’s what we are good at and we hope to do more.

That’s it for now.


  1. This sounds amazing guys. Really looking forward to seeing the end results!

  2. Great stuff guys. Look forward to seeing more of this coming down the pipe. And you are right, we need to get things moving in other Canadian cities!

  3. As always, love your work guys, and great to hear that you are a bit more capitalized :P

    I would love to support StartupIndex more. And by “more”, I mean a _clear license on the content_. The most ideal would be a simple CC-BY, just like Crunchbase. I really don’t want to throw a bunch of data into a black hole where it can’t easily be re-used.

  4. By more capitalized, Jevon really means that we’re going to try to stop loosing money. Our spouses have said StartupEmpire and DemoCamp aren’t great hobbies or investments. We’re committed to trying to help Canadian entrepreneurs.

    We’d love it if you wanted to write stuff at StartupNorth Boris…

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