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Smart or Lucky? What Differentiates Successful Technology Companies?

I will be on a panel tomorrow discussing whether it is better to be smart or lucky.

I know which one I would pick. What do you think is more important? Share your answer of on before the panel.

Join us for a roundtable teleconference moderated by Judith Hurwitz, author of the newly published Smart or Lucky? How Technology Leaders Turn Change into Success, with panelists Chris Selland, Jevon MacDonald and Jeff Nolan. We will discuss approaches and recommendations on how to win in competitive technology markets.

Creating successful technology companies that stand the test of time is never easy. No matter how smart an entrepreneur is timing is everything. Having the right idea and right execution at the time when the technology infrastructure is in place and the market is ready can be the difference between success or failure. But even this lucky isn’t enough. A successful technology company needs to have a well defined growth strategy that takes into account changing customer needs. The failure rate is indeed high but there are techniques and strategies that can help turn great ideas into sustainable companies.

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