Another Monster Raise – Paymentus Closes Big Round From Accel-KKR

Yesterday we posted about iLoveRewards closing a big growth round from Sequoia. Well today, another JLA Ventures company did a big round of growth money as well. Paymentus raised a big round from Accel-KKR, rumoured to be at $20mm. That’s $45mm in capital to two Canadian companies in a very short period of time. I imagine John Albright, @johnalbright, has enjoyed a celebratory cocktail or two after seeing two portfolio co’s do big growth rounds. Lets also not forget the story of Dushyant Sharma who looks well on his way to yet another entrepreneurial highlight reel entry. And of course big hats off to GrowthWorks for being the initial funders of this company and providing funds to Canadian companies when many others were not. PR post is here.

Paymentus Corporation, a leading electronic bill payment, presentment and customer communication technology and services company, today announced that it has received an equity investment provided by Accel-KKR, a technology-focused private equity investment firm. The investment will be used by Paymentus to accelerate development, drive growth, and enhance the footprint of its real-time payment network.

Paymentus’ unified, SaaS platform delivers enterprise bill payment, presentment and revenue management technology through a self-service model, simplifying, automating and streamlining the bill payment process.

I found an old post from Rick Segal, @ricksegal, about the initial investment JLA did in Paymentus, which I think is a valuable repetitive lesson for all entrepreneurs about how to build a big successful company (something Dushyant has done a few times now):

We invested in Paymentus for a number of reasons. Our basic business thesis was that there are a number of places where (surprisingly) automation of paying certain types of bills is still in an evolving state. Paymentus has identified a number of these market segments and came to us with some great traction, proprietary technology, tons of industry knowledge, and an impressive plan for growth.

Dushyant did all the right things as a start up. Self-funded until he hit milestones that started to prove out the business stood out to the investors as well as a very clear and deep understanding of the bill payment and presentment business.

We’ve done the list of acquisitions and celebrated, I think next up its time to tally the list of big raises, as I think there are more companies “going big” than we give credit.

Kanetix acquired by Monitor Clipper Partners

Kanetix, Canada’s first online insurance marketplace provides over a million quotes per year to consumers looking for insurance, yesterday announced it has been acquired by Monitor Clipper Partners, a Cambridge based private equity firm that manages $2B in capital.

Co-founded in 1999 by George Small and Gregory Ellis (who will retain significant stakes in Kanetix), the Toronto based company will now be led by Yousry Bissada who has joined on as CEO and Andrew Lo who has joined as Chief Information Officer.

Yousry and Andrew previously grew Filogix from $3M to $60M in revenue. Monitor Clipper Partners leveraged recapitalized of Filogix in 2004 successfully exited for $212M to Davis & Henderson in 2006. It is encouraging to see experienced repeat teams growing Canadian companies.

Here’s to a repeat performance.



72 Hours Later….

I loved this infographics from Ken Seto, @kenseto, et al at Massive Damage, who launched Please Stay Calm a few days ago in the Canadian Apple app store. Some very useful comparative info for aspiring game makers on local Canadian app downloads.

Also I have a new request. From now on all startups should have a picture of a zombies missing an arm beside their ARPU. Especially in really serious board meetings.

How Zombie Killing Sells.