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Extreme Startups

Extreme Startups

Rob Lewis and TechVibes is reporting that ExtremeU (you can read our past coverage 2009, 2010, 2011) has launched a new Toronto based incubator that leverages their experience over the past 3 years. Mark Evans provides additional details that includes “$7-million in funding from Extreme Venture PartnersOMERS VenturesRho Canada VenturesBlackBerry Partners Fund and BDC.”

Extreme Startups includes a who’s who of  the Toronto startup scene as mentors:

  • David Ossip
  • Daniel Debow
  • Anand Agarwala
  • Michael McDermentt
  • Ameet Shah
  • Albert Lai
  • Leila Boujnane
  • Ali Asaria
  • Noah Godfrey
  • Ray Reddy
  • Rick Segal
  • Salim Teja
  • Derek Seto
  • Nick Koudas

Congrats to Andy Yang, Sunil Sharma and Amar Varma in getting this thing launched. Plus how can this not be awesome with Andy Yang as Harold and Sunil Sharma as Kumar in Extreme Startupping.

Andy Yang and Sunil Sharma go EXTREME STARTUPPING


  1. My mouth is watering….I’ve the EXACT startup to apply….and we’re printing out the details on same as I type this! BIG #kudos the the folks at ExtremeStartups for their leadership on this!!! And that mentor list is pretty impressive too! :-)

  2. Awesome Jim, would love to hear what you have going on!  Ping me at andy [at] extremestartups [dot] com.

  3. Hello Andy … just a thought … when the start-ups have commercial customers (credit worthy) – factoring may be of interest … of course down the road they will have other options ie quasi-ABL, ABL, LOC based on inventory, term loan based on machinery/equipment … then the banks.

  4. I LOVE THIS CLIP!!  Eating at Extreme Pita, then headed for a workout at Extreme Fitness!

  5. Yes, having paying customers always opens up funding options.  Then it becomes an exercise in excel-fu to figure out which is “cheaper” – equity or debt.

  6. We just submitted our application all the way from Amman, Jordan! Super excited :O)

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