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The Startup Backoffice

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Scalabiity Inc

StartupNorth contributor Ray Luk (LinkedIn, @raylukannounced the launch of Scalability Inc. (@scalabilityinc). It’s a great service that provides backoffice services including bookkeeping, accounting, government filings, payroll, record keeping, and human resources. It’s the combination of tools and the people with the expertise to help with timing that can make a huge difference. Ray seems to have nailed a need in the marketplace with Scalability Inc.

It’s great to see startups building these unsexy tools, and sharing their experiences. It’s particularly interesting to see how many Canadian startups are playing in the unsexy backoffice space. Scalability Inc., Wave Accounting (announced $12MM from Social+Capital), TribeHR ($1MM from David Skok at Matrix Partners), Shopify ($22MM from Bessemer), Dayforce (acquired by Ceridian), it seems like Canadians like critical business apps.

What are the must have tools that you are using in your startup’s back office?

Sales & Inventory

Analytics & Business Intelligence


Human Resources

Accounting & Payroll & Expenses




Bookkeepers & Accountants

What are you using in the back office? Who are the consultants and providers that we’ve missed?


  1. There are two types of people in the World: accountants and people who want to be accountants.

    bring on the back office…

  2. Business planning is an important part Of any company’s back office. As the founder of bully’s eye business consulting, I believe that having an outside consultant complete a company’s business plan allows a company to develop a plan they don’t have the time to develop themselves. Furthermore, back office companies specialize in what they do, whereas entrepreneurs often feel like a fish out of water when they find themselves doing anything other than what they specialize in. For example, I feel that book keeping is not my strong point, therefore I find freshbooks to be a great tool. I have clients who find the,sleeves struggling with social networking, therefore they hire companies that specialize in this field I order to drive traffic to their websites?

  3. One to add is Calgary’s ActiveConversion for lead generation and marketing automation.

  4. Actually there are many other examples as I’m sure you are aware, but here are a couple more off the top of my head. for payments. minigroups for collaboration. Again both from the Calgary scene (I’m actually in Vancouver, but that’s a whole other story.)

  5. Great piece here David…and the slidedeck should be somehow given to the StartUpWeekend team so that each and every startup at least gets the basics and the tools to use too! And so nice to be included in same too! And #Kudos to every startup entrpreneur who follows this guide!

  6. great concept. If only there was a service such as this bringing together services which pull together website content development, site design and social network marketing!!!!

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