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Hot Shit List 2013

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It’s the time of the year where we either make you a hero or we make you hate me a little more. As stated in the previous comments, this could very well be The List of People That David Crow Wants to Be Associated With (but I think I established that is a different list). Either way, the commenter is correct, the list is something and it is highly suspect and by no means complete. If you don’t like the list, leave a comment. If you think I left genuinely left someone off, leave a comment (ps suggesting yourself, either demonstrates your overly inflated ego or you might not realize that your suggestion by itself if a reason to be left of the list). I’m open to being corrected and having the list added to.

Past issues of the list include 2011 and 2012.

For 2013, the list is divided between those we expect to break out (Breaking Glass). And those that are taking it to the next level (Going Big). Basically, you will be hearing from or about these people over the next 12 months. So everyone get in a circle, it’s time for the 2013 instalment of the Hot Shit List.

Hot Sh!t List 2013

Breaking Glass

Going Big

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  1. Just to be clear, this is not the 2013 The Circle Jerk of Toronto Tech List, right?

  2. You are welcome to invite as many people to the party and see where it goes. Shall we try maybe @meshconference:twitter next week?

  3. Good list and it is good to think there are lots of people missing… speaks to the health of the tech industry in Canada.

  4. Now you’re putting some pressure on me. I don’t have any options but work hard to be under the “Going Big” list next year ;)

  5. I know consumer is no longer sexy but consideration should go to: Isaac Raichyk of Keek – Jordan Satok of App Hero – Joe Rideout of Relay – and Mike Wagman, Jesse Dallal, Bryan Friedman of Mavensay — strong founders of exciting companies

  6. I love how the list has evolved! Really starting to show the growth of Toronto… there are some BIG companies in that list now.

  7. Hey David – thanks a lot. Would you mind adding Matthew Bailey and Aaron Grant (Thalmic co-founders) to the listing with me? They’re just as, or more, important to our growth so far.

  8. Thanks for the inclusion David! We’ll definitely have to hustle it to live up to the ‘Going Big’ label :)

  9. Can’t believe you left off Alex Trebek again this year! This list sucks!

  10. SUPERB list. Here’s a shoutout to a few more who are in, around, and helping the education space:

    Dr. James Colliander, Crowdmark

    John Myers and Scott Welch, Edsby

    Prateek Dwivedi, Thotra

    Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, Fora

    Robleh Jama, Tinyhearts

    Peter Evans, SpeakerFile

    Matthew Milan, Normative

    Jesse Rodgers, Creative Destruction Lab @Rotman

  11. I also left off Sidney Crosby, Justin Trudeau, George St. Pierre, and others. But not many. This is the anti-troll list.

  12. Particularly given some of the companies are Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver and other places a far.

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