StartupCamp Toronto 2 – Last release of tickets

startupcamplogo_small1.pngWe have put more Entrepreneur and Guru tickets up for grabs for StartupCampToronto 2.

It is looking like a great night and it is your chance to hear from some new startups and we also have Leila Boujnane lined up to speak.

The format for StartupCamp is simple: 5 Startups will have 5 minutes each to pitch themselves. The audience will then have twice as much time to grill them on everything from their marketing plan to the product itself.

The 5 startups will be selected in advance.

If you want to get feedback on your business plan, then fill out the form available here by Sunday, April 13th.

The event will be held on Tuesday April 29th at The Carlu in Toronto. We are putting on this StartupCamp during CIX, which is a new conference with a focus on connecting VC ready startups and VCs.

Because of the limited venue size and the nature of the event, these tickets are ONLY available to individuals with a startup of their own or “gurus” who are able to contribute from expertise in some domain. See the ticket descriptions for details. Tickets may be revoked when we look over the list. Sorry, but we have to do this.

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Presenting companies announced for CIX 2008

If you are going to have a beauty contest (or not), the contestants may as well be good looking, and CIX seems to have delivered. I have to admit that I didn’t even think the list would turn out this well. There is a cross section of everything from startups to companies looking for follow-on rounds.

There has been some debate recently about the value of events like CIX, and I have to admit, I have not been easy on similar events in the past, but I have to say that I think it is time to move on. If you think CIX is all about a bunch of companies getting up and presenting, then you are wrong. I think of CIX more like a DEMO or Techcrunch 50 for the Canadian community, and that is something we need.

More than that, a lot has changed in the Canadian Startup community in the last year, and this is a chance to start putting more names to faces, and for more shy startups to start coming out of the shadows. It is also a chance for the Venture Capital community to pull back the curtains and start connecting more closely with the community.

We are using the CIX space to put on a second StartupCamp. So if you didn’t get a chance to get your name out there at CIX itself, make sure you put your name in the hat for StartupCamp.

The list of presenting companies was released today, you saw it here first!:

Reminder: CIX and StartupCamp Deadlines

Time is running short to apply to pitch at CIX, and also to get help with your pitch at StartupCamp.

The deadline to apply to CIX is April 4th, you can apply here. It is worth noting that the pricing structure has changed based on feedback and it is now half the price it used to be for startups who present.

StartupCamp Toronto 2 is happening at the same time as CIX, and you can apply to present here, you have until Sunday April 13th for that one.

We’d like to thank our first confirmed sponsor as well, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, as well as service providers who have purchased tickets: Mike Middleton (Q1Capital Partners) and Frances Fast (Q1Capital Partners), and Daniel Shapiro (Microsoft)