Congratulations to the 10 Winners of the StartupEmpire Contest

Thank you to everyone who submitted entries to the StartupEmpire giveaway. The quality of the writing and thinking was excellent and it was inspirational hearing so many people wanting to further their entrepreneurial careers. Our hats off to all of you.

While our selection criteria was by no means perfect, we did consider things like the quality of the writing, the uniqueness of the product, whether the person was applying based on need or because they forgot to buy tickets in advance :) and whether they met the submission deadline.

We only had 10 tickets to giveaway unfortunately so Raymond Luk and I had to make some tough choices. The good news for anyone who wasn’t selected is that there have never been more entrepreneurial events happening across Canada. We hope to meet all of the companies at one of these events at some point in the future.

So here is the list of winners (in alphabetical order):

Congratulations everyone. We’ll see you all at the conference in a few days.

I would like to thank Raymond Luk & Flow Ventures for helping me organize and sponsor this contest.  Flow Ventures is active in the Canadian Startup scene and participating in the Canadian angel investing community.  Both my companies Akoha and Standout Jobs do work with Raymond and his firm.  They are great partners for startups.

We also want to thank Angelsoft for the contribution of a number of OpenDeal coupons to allow companies to submit their fundraising needs to their network of angel investors.   We will be announcing the winners of the AngelSoft packages at the conference.   I’m now using Angelsoft at three of the venture funds/angel networks I’m a member of.  They have over 400 angel & VC funds using the software with almost 14,000 investors.  This is a great resource for entrepreneurs looking to raise funding and we are thankfull for their support of this contest.

Network after hours at StartupEmpire


Jevon nailed it.

The most important part of any conference is in how you meet other people who are attending, and this is a great chance to get a head start on that.

StartupEmpire sold out last Monday. We’ve been working with my gang at Microsoft BizSpark to build an additional opportunty for people to come together, meet the people attending, the people building new startups, and get a head chance to network your faces off.

Purchase a BizSpark After 6pm Ticket to gain access for dinner and drinks with attendees, speakers, sponsors and others in the community. The tickets are $10 each and include access to the networking event and 2 drinks tickets.

Want to meet fellow StartupEmpire attendees?

We have teamed up with to provide a place to attendees of StartupEmpire to connect and share with eachother.

If you have a ticket for StartupEmpire you should have recieved an invitation right now to log in to the event site where you can fill out your own profile. Be sure to add your blog and twitter accounts, as EventVue will bring them in so other attendees can see what you have to say.

The most important part of any conference is in how you meet other people who are attending, and this is a great chance to get a head start on that. I have heard a lot of feedback from people that having tools to help them arrange meetings in advance of an event has been really useful.

Specifically I know that a lot of people made good use of the Arrange Meeting tool at CIX last year.

Just over 50% of attendees have signed up on EventVue so far, and we are hoping to get that number up so that it will be more valuable to everyone.