Hot Sh!t 2012 Nominations

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It’s been 376 days since I put together the Hot Sh!t List 2011. And we’re looking to round out the list with some the next generation of to be watched entrepreneurs. Who in Canada is better than all the rest?  Perhaps we’ll can get custom awards modelled after  Philippe Starck’s Flamme D’Or.

Who do you think should be on the list? Help us find the next generation of up and coming Canadians. In particular we’re looking for those folks behind the scenes, the developers, business developers, growth hackers, marketers, etc. that often don’t get the sames recognitions as the CEO or founders. But they are critical to the success of Canadian startups.

Hot Sh!t List Nomination

Canada is full of hot sh!t developers, designers and entrepreneurs. And we're trying to build a list of them. Tell us who you think should be on the list?

  • In less than 140 characters tell us, why this person is hot sh!t. What have they done for us lately. What are the major discoveries to this person has to show, or what are the serious growth numbers.

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