A year in the life

GuestlistHappy 1st Birthday Guestlist!

Guestlist has had a couple of weeks. On July 12, 2010 they launched their paid service which finally allows the company to generate fees for the great service they provide. We started using Guestlist for events starting on September 24, 2009 for DemoCamp Toronto # 22 aka An Evening with Yossi Vardi.

“What began as a dare between three friends to actually finish a software product has turned into full-fledged web service that has helped hundreds of event organizers sell tickets online and keep tabs on their cash flow. Over that period we’ve collected half a million dollars on behalf of our users, a near-majority of which was delivered directly to charities. All powered by word of mouth.” – Ben Vinegar, Guestlistapp

It’s been a great year for Guestlist enabling over $500,000 in transaction revenue. This is great traction for the small team. Sure it’s only $10,000 using the 2% paid service fee. But this is fantastic traction given that this is a part time project with all 3 team members working other jobs. The demonstrated traction helped the team realize the potential of Guestlist as a business.

“That’s the story of what our team put together, part time, over one year. We can’t say it was easy; building and maintaining a quality application part-time requires a lot of dedication and free time. That’s why we’re excited to announce that 2/3s of our team has opted to work full-time on Guestlist going forward.”

If you’re planning an event and you want a great event application, I can highly recommend Guestlist.