ParkVu launch iTunes to Blackberry app

i2b - iTunes Library on your BlackBerry Jeff Fedor and Terry Goertz of ParkVu launched i2b service today. The service allows BlackBerry Bold, Curve and Storm users to remotely retrieve their music their iTunes libraries.

i2b makes some assumptions about user behaviour that allows the application to automatically sync users music to their BlackBerry. The i2b service is limited to 1Gb or 100 files. This requires users (and the applications’ designers) to make a decision about which music to sync by default. The i2b application makes some initial assumptions that Favorite Playlists, 25 most played tracks, and most recent iTunes library additions are the files that should be sync’d out of the box. It’s a great starting point for users and can be configured by users after the fact.

The service creates a sync’d intermediate store of up to 1Gb or 100 songs in the cloud allowing users to access the sync’d files on their BlackBerry devices.

Songs on their home computer can be retrieved even when it’s off. Up to 100 tracks (1GB maximum) from the i2b user’s iTunes library will be replicated to the Internet cloud, making them available from their BlackBerry even when their desktop or laptop is turned off. When their computer is on and connected to the Internet, all of their iTunes playlists are available on demand to their BlackBerry. Users can easily set i2b not to receive updates in areas where extra roaming charges would apply. i2b combines a BlackBerry application with a small application for the user’s home computer that works in the background with iTunes to allow users to replicate their playlists on their BlackBerry. i2b maintains any DRM restrictions and preserves the integrity of the user’s iTunes library.

Hopefully the ParkVu team is able to quickly get i2b into the BlackBerry App World to enable broader distribution for their $2.99/month service. It would be fantastic to see them get similar exposure and distribution as Viigo in the BlackBerry App World’s Featured section.