Year One Labs launches

Year One LabsIn case you missed it on TechCrunch, Year One Labs launched today.  Year One Labs is a startup incubator/accelerator in Montreal with a great team: 

This a team that is deeply steeped in the Montreal software/internet/infrastructure startup scene. They have a combination of deep technical chops plus the necessary hands-on operations with early stage companies looking for a scalable business model with customers.

If this isn’t enough they’ve surrounded themselves with great advisors including Dan “I’m Everywhere Man” Martell, Rails core team member and Shopify founder Tobias Lütke and others.

The Year One Labs Program

It’s an interesting program that provides:

  • $50k, issued in tranches based on milestones
  • Four partners who will work alongside you and your team
  • An international network of mentors
  • Direct access to Angel investors and VCs, both 1-on-1 and during our Demo Day events
  • Free rent, Internet, coffee etc. in the Year One Labs space

In exchange for “a minority stake in your startup, typically between 10-20% under standard Series Seed terms”.