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20 hours ago

I'm looking for someone to help a client that wants to use Webflow - design, and implementation. ... See MoreSee Less

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Happy to help, not core business but will connect you

We do Webflow. I built our agency site on it, and we’ve used it for 2 other client projects. Happy to chat.


I have someone who we've worked with numerous times on web projects. He made the shift from WordPress to Webflow last year. Great work, reasonable rates.

3 days ago

I am hoping for some advice/help - after 6 months of working towards a March 2020 launch of my education startup, COVID almost broke us, but we have since pivoted, launched and growing. I think we have a great story to share and I looking for some advice/support with PR. With so many parents concerned about homeschooling and lack of access to credible education resources, we are the perfect solution.

I am hoping to get some supporting in shinning the spotlight on us. Or maybe, it is too early. Hoping to get some advice/help. We are
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Jono Landon

if you hv a great idea or u need any help then email me [email protected]

Hey man will hit you up later today - let’s get you into the StartWell studio for a video interview to post in our Magazine!

I have an edtech company. Happy offer advice.

Do everything to support Sathish Bala - he and Schoolio are the real deal!!!

Had a long talk with Sathish yesterday. He is building a story-telling machine!

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3 days ago

Anyone did or know someone who acquired an indie SaaS and successfully grew it 2-10x? ... See MoreSee Less

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I think there are two companies, Constellation Software and Enghouse Systems, that more or less do exactly this

Sujan Patel has done this a bunch.

2 days ago

Hi everyone! Happy Sat. Looking for a bookkeeper that is familiar with early stage startups. Know anyone awesome you can send my way? Thanks! ... See MoreSee Less

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Check out our firm we would be a great fit. You can also message me directly.

Accountor by Yarik Yarosh

Veronica Yeoh

I’ve been using Evzo - it’s a great service for both my e-commerce and service based company.

Irene May Lee πŸ’―

Feel ready to reach out to me directly at [email protected]

Try Entreflow Consulting Group, Jose Chatelet can help you out. (Disclosure: I founded entreflow years ago. Not my company anymore but I remain a fan)

Hey Candice Faktor! You can reach out team at Happy to discuss!

Thanks everyone. Appreciate recos.

Irfan Pirbhai

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3 days ago

Looking for a social media branding/design (mayyyybe marketing too) expert for my tech startup in the nutritional supplement or bare minimum the health/wellness/fitness space. Please feel free to tag friends, or lancers that you know of.

(Candidate will ideally a freelancer so that I’m not paying agency prices)

Requirements are as follows:
I will need to see previous work (and like it), as well MUST know enough about nutraceuticals and sports nutrition supplements to understand our value proposition.

Thanks so much!!! Tag away!

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Samira Khan is amazing!

Nada Shepherd

Kevin Dex DM-ing you!

Hey Kevin Dex I would be happy to help you! Our prices are rather reasonable and we have plenty of clients in the health and wellness space. Sending you a DM. Cheers!

5 days ago

# Anyone here that runs a community/membership with over 100 ppl?

I'm building a way to automatically increase nurturing members and how long they stay a member.

I'd love some advice about it.
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Preet Arjun Singh @ DesignX

I do 1.88 M members.

I run Troop 600 members.

Part of the TechToronto team

2 years ago

Parents: I'm helping out with the Parenting Playbook (the following up to The Expecting Playbook). For our list of resources, which services were ESSENTIAL during parental leave or when returning to work? (Think sleep coach, lactation consultant, meal delivery, house cleaning)? I'd love to include this community's top picks. ... See MoreSee Less

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Honestly, Amanda, what's truly important is empathy. I was the first parental leave in a company with close to 100 people.. in fact I may have been the first parent. I would have traded a houseful of servants for a little empathy. I believe the workforce needs an education on how to welcome new parents back to work, not the other way around.

Agree with Jennifer - and I appreciate this is a tough problem for even large corporations to solve. On things I hope companies think about: 1) Inclusion: I didn’t die, I had a baby. I didn’t stop caring about my team or the mission of the company, so how do employees want to be engaged while they are off. This isn’t the same for everyone - but I would have participated in strategy sessions / offsites, come in for social functions etc. At least ask if they want to attend and allow me the opportunity to influence critical decisions if it’s going to materially affect me when I come back to my role 2) Flex hours / work from home: This isn’t just for parents, but young kids are germ factories - I was really surprised by how many days my nanny was sick, I was sick, and my baby was sick my first year back at work Services that are helpful: 1) Night nurse for those returning back to work while the baby isn’t sleeping through the night. Unless you have a unicorn baby who did this from day 1 in which case don’t tell anyone you have that easy of a baby! 2) Backup childcare - from nanny agencies, to extra days at Kid & Co for emergency backup care 3) Decision support for childcare - nanny vs daycare, how to find them, whether an agency makes sense, things like Wee Watch for licensed home care etc

Let me know if I can help Amanda Munday :) I am just finishing up my back to work online course to help moms returning to work after maternity leave (and collaborating w some lovely folks!)

Oh and essential....links to mental health resources...resources regarding childcare options and links to parent support groups etc. Do I count as a resource? ;)

Pelvic Physio Therapist and Psychologists in case of super common postpartum depression.

Nora Jenkins Townson

Yes to all those, plus... During parental leave: Mom & baby fitness classes, baby activity/classes (i.e. music), new mom community groups, kid-friendly restaurants, drop-in centres. For return to work: Nanny agencies. Are you looking for specific names?

Pubic Health does a great mom and baby class for new parents. They get all the new moms with babies from 0-6 months and then 6-12 together at the local library and they do stories and songs but they also listen to your hard ships and talk through a topic like feeding, sleeping etc each week. You can sign up in their chat function on the cities website. Really great way to meet other parents in your community if you are a first time parent (or not)

My wife found some area "mom's groups" through our local library. They had weekly singalong programming there and that kind of thing. Not particularly exotic, but being able to find other women in the same shoes was super helpful. Gave her a chance to speak to adults once in a while (other than me) and also gave the baby a head start on making some friends int eh neighborhood.

We've been building up loads of content on resources & info for soon-to-be / new parents. Happy to chat about information we pulled from various focus groups.

Amanda Munday - I would love to see the finished product. Where can I find it? Has there been an update to The Expecting Parent? Thank you!!

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3 days ago

Hi everyone!

I'm looking for a social media marketing agency to help me rebrand my Medical Beauty Clinic.
Ideally someone/company with a reasonable price.

I'm located in Toronto, Ontario.

Thank you ❀️
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Hey there! I own a marketing agency and would love to connect. I’ll send you a DM.

Contact Niket Shah & Uzair Chutani at Acceler8 Labs

I can give you a hand or point you in the right direction if you like (I’m in Vancouver) We are awarded the title “top ad Agency of the Year 2020 by Ad World Masters.

Krystal Hobbs - we have a rebrand service; I'm sure my art director would be happy to chat!

CONVEY would be great! You should reach out to Jennifer.

Let me know if I can help. I’m not an agency, but I do future-focused communications for the most innovative brands. You can check out my website here. The online shop lists service packages and pricing:

We’re a branding and marketing agency specialized in beauty and wellness! check us out πŸ™‚

We're awesome!😜

Sent a DM. We’ve worked with other clinics in similar spaces. Be great to pick up on a call. Peter The PJD Agency

We specialize in premium branding -

Check out I will be working with them on my business. Very affordable and came highly recommended. They've been fantastic so far. I can introduce if you're interested.

Jonathan Sturgeon would be an awesome guy to talk to. His team is really dedicated and very reasonably priced

Check out

Hi Erica Tieu I run a branding studio with a photographer and writer. I would love to connect with you about your rebrand. If you are interested about seeing our work you can check out our website is and our instagram is @fookcomm

Hi there I just sent you message. Thanks

Messaged you!

Hi! We can help at ThinkHatch Canada! I’ll send you a message to connect.


Ryan Moran

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3 days ago

Looking for a freelance content writer for blockchain startup, please feel free to refer or drop me a DM! Thanks. ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

Trying to put a list together of the best Canadian Direct 2 Consumer brands. Would love thoughts from the community ... (edit.. CPG startups please) ... See MoreSee Less

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Kabo Three Ships Fable Mejuri Article

Startups or in general? because in general there are also the classics like Tim Hortons (do we count it as Canadian?), lululemon, canada goose, Cirque du Soleil, fairmont etc.

I think there would have to be categories, no?

Matthew Bertulli Pela Case

Midday squares (omni channel and killing it)

Inkbox, knixwear, Deciem, kotn, sheertex

NuPasta is Canadian and has online and retail :)

Hype Docs is canadian

Schoolio is canadian

Talk to Adam Levinter

Gershon Hurwen Gonna throw mine (Neophyto Foods) in as well if you're looking for one that's much earlier stage than some of the other brands mentioned above ✌️

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6 days ago

Do you know of any interesting startup in Canada led by Greek women? ... See MoreSee Less

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eh ?

I’m co-founder at

Wow, that's a specific request !!

Deanna Dickins Demers

You looking for a date?

Yes - Melissa founder of Skritswap

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5 days ago

I’m looking to hire some freelance development talent but it looks like the board is dead. Has a successor been created? I know of the COVID looking for work spreadsheet. Anything else I should be looking at? Thanks in advance. ... See MoreSee Less

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I see that the startupnorth job board just redirects to now - weird. You can try posting on or

You are right that we've wound down the job board and are working on a replacement. Sorry for the dead links!

2 weeks ago

Anyone here who’s familiar with payroll? Looking to get advice on how to get paid by a UK company. What’s the best setup?

It’s a full-time employee position.
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They will need to register for a local BN and payroll account number. They can start paying you a salary using that then. Probably a good idea to have them lined up with a payroll account number

Two options, 1. Setup an entity in Canada like Junaid mentioned. 2. Partner with local entity, in this case you will be employee of local company for CRA purpose. UK company will sign contract with local company. Msg if you like more details.

Companies like Manpower offer local payroll services for foreign entities

I just went through this myself but the other way around. If the company you're working for is a small company and this is their first time, they will need to determine what's best for their business interests. I can tell you that we decided to stay away from payroll services. The best advice I can give is that they connect with a local accountant who does payroll to discuss what option is best for them. The problem with registering an entity is that it could have other tax repercussions for them depending on their business. Since it is possible to be an employer without setting up an entity in the UK, they might assume the procedure is similar in Canada. Connecting with an accountant will allow them to figure out their best option, what's required from them as an employer on an ongoing basis, and how much it will cost them over all.

Why don’t they pay you as a contractor?

Easiest option for 1 or just a few hires in a country is to use an EOR - like Panther. Happy to intro you to them.

Tara Werbin-Waldman

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7 days ago

What is your Canadian startup operations stack and how has it evolved? Are there any new products that you would highly recommend? Banking, cards, HR, accounting, outsourcing etc. ... See MoreSee Less

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Plooto for worldwide staff and contractor payments TransferWise company bank account for useful direct incoming wire transfers etc Surprised by how many places a company PayPal account can be useful (connected to your CAD bank account rather than going on to CC) for sourcing high quality engineering talent for specific 2-3 month projects. Related but different Moonlight — owned by Canadian & SN member Lyal Avery Humi still my go to HR stack, hat tip founder & SN member Kevin Kliman I’m still researching what global distributed company system I want to commit to that will work for a Canadian headquartered company, eg as one example

1 week ago

Looking for an expert in Airtable to create a new base for me. Any recommendations? ... See MoreSee Less

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What do you need the base to do?

Tara - I had a freelancer build something for me on airtable. They are pretty good. Lmk your email and can introduce you if you will like

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