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6 hours ago

Hi All,

How do you go about reaching out to angel groups, I managed to get my hands on a list of VC contacts that I was able to automate the cold reach out on my email, haven't been able to find similar list for Angel invetsors /groups, any insights is appreciated
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If you are in Ontario

and for Quebec:

If you’re affiliated with orgs like Communitech and MaRS, they have lists. More importantly though, I recommend you consider finding a way to get warm intros to various groups - tends to yield better results

Raymond Luk may be able to help

5 days ago

Does anyone have a good recommendation for a business insurance provider (basic E&O) for a remote first business? ... See MoreSee Less

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Ayal Cohen 416.822.1710 (Jack Bensimon)

The team at APOLLO Insurance are great (note: they’re also a client of mine, but still true!) 🤓

My brokerage Insurance Portfolio Inc. can help. We are independent, offer true advocacy and have several markets direct. Call at 416-754-3910 or DM me!

I've used for marketing & IT professional services You can also look into KASE Insurance Inc.

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6 days ago

Looking for a tech-focused, online marketplace experienced accountant/book-keeping firm based in Canada, ideally in BC. Only looking for referrals from fellow entrepreneurs, not sales! Thanks in advance for your advice! ... See MoreSee Less

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I'm very happy with

Happy to chat. Our firm can assist.

Second LiveCA. They’ve been great.

Check out Virtual Heights, solid firm. Reach out to Alissa

Mike Pinkus at ConnectCPA

Hey Flo! I highly recommend Jessica Harquail from Givens! She's been super helpful for us

Alina provides a fantastic accounting service!

If you search "accountant" in the group you'll find even more posts where accountants have been recommended.

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2 weeks ago

Question: What are you using for onboarding/activation in your SaaS app?

It looks like the last time it was covered in this group was 6 years ago and at the time Intercom was the most recommended tool.
If anyone in here has recent experience tooling (analytics and guide) around onboarding, I'd love to hear what you learned!
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Typically i would want to better understand the org and what you can repurpose. So, what part of onboarding are you optimizing for? What kind of product/ux? Whats the maturity of the org? Some of the tools Sales/Marketing are already using to bring folks into the funnel and segment might be great. You could do alot with a CRM & Intercom. But for more in depth guidance: I like tools like Appcues to monitor behaviors and give product tours (also Pendo, I have not used Userpilot but see good content marketing so curiousto hear other experiences). for segmented email based on triggers, and tools like Hotjar for watching if behavior is as intended. Then the support tools likely have the customer education (brings us back to Intercom). I only pop on here occasionally do DM if other q's.

We’ve been using Intercom but it’s been lacking. We’re about to set up Iterable. Based on their demo we were super impressed. Time will tell tho!

Not a customer of either of these but Appcues and UserList & Userpilot are some I’ve come across.

Pendo is probably tops for this case but one of those annual subs only things

We started with Intercom a few years ago but hated the chat widget you had to have inside your app and the unreasonable response times people expect from it. We also hated having to use it for email communication in addition to Help Scout, so our customer messaging was fragmented between two systems. We eventually moved to Userlist and it has been excellent. We replaced the Intercom chat widget in the app with the Help Scout one. For onboarding analytics, we've used Amplitude and MixPanel and they're both excellent, but I'm starting to think that Userlist's events might be sufficient for our needs in this area.

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2 weeks ago

Hello community,

Anyone using Microsoft Azure? I would like to talk about how you manage your needs for services / account and which services you use. We are a small startup that has just started our journey, so our data storage need is minimal for now but increases continuously. In May and June, I received a bill that made me lean in closer to the screen, and therefore I want to make sure that we can better control what we need and what we do with our account.
Yes, I could talk to Microsoft, but then it is with their sales department and I have sold software myself. I can tell you that for the most part the sales folks don't really care about you - if you can help him/her with their quota you are a "cashcow" even for amounts in the few hundred dollar range.

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Here is my two cents based on few years experience leading an app development company. Azure has a large suite of services that add great value into automation and the ability to scale quickly. On the hand the charges can grow noticeably and many organizations get surprised with large bills over time. I don’t fully get your use case but I would recommend to compare services and prices to Digital Ocean. I think you will find noticeable difference for comparable services. Also with azure and AWS you will need to consider scaling up and down based on utilization of resources. If you aren’t ready to make investment in that space which I wouldn’t recommend in early stage then considering alternative such as DO is worth exploring. Hopefully this gives some guidance, feel free to ask questions

The three of them: Azure, AWS and DigitalOcean, all of them have the same price. It doesn't look that way, but once you look deeper, it is. AWS works, Azure is way more elegant and their billing section is years ahead of AWS. Both (Azure & AWS0 have budgets functionality. As the name implies, you assign a budget for it, and the service won't exceed it, granted, halting the service. But hey! You can't have it all. Finally, I have some mid-tier configurations in Azure and they're not that expensive, so assuming from your post, you might be experimenting over configured services. Not expensive services. Best of lucks!

What type of resources do you have deployed in your tenant? How much data is leaving your environment (this one caught me off guard once or twice). Happy to help delve into this and assist.

I also recommend Digital Ocean, but you might also want to consider AWS and try to get their startup credits (up to $10k) for the initial stage.

1 week ago

Hey everyone, I am looking for a good domain broker for a domain that has already been taken. I was going to go with GoDaddy’s service but I read some bad reviews. Does anyone have a good recommendation? Thanks in advance! ... See MoreSee Less

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I highly recommend Bill Sweetman at Name Ninja.

Thanks Stefan Eyram!

Bill Sweetman for sure!

I went through for a very large purchase, they were great!

1 week ago

Hi everyone,
Energia Ventures, one of the accelerator programs at the University of New Brunswick under the J Herbert Smith Centre for Technology Management and Entrepreneurship is accepting applications for its 2022 Fall Cohort.
Energia is a three-month intensive accelerator for entrepreneurs with an innovative business in the energy, smart grid, artificial intelligence, cleantech, and cybersecurity sectors. We are a member of the Global Accelerator Network (GAN) and we provide funding, mentoring, and programming to take businesses to the next stage. Learn more about us here:
Check the registration process here:
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Hi everyone,
Energia Ventures, one of the accelerator programs at the University of New Brunswick under the J Herbert Smith Centre for Technology Management and Entrepreneurship is accepting applications for its 2022 Fall Cohort.
Energia is a three-month intensive accelerator for entrepreneurs with an innovative business in the energy, smart grid, artificial intelligence, cleantech, and cybersecurity sectors. We are a member of the Global Accelerator Network (GAN) and we provide funding, mentoring, and programming to take businesses to the next stage. Learn more about us here:
Check the registration process here:

3 weeks ago

Hey everyone,

I'm a new PM at a 50 employee SaaS startup and have been looking into product roadmapping software instead of using various shared docs.

We have a solid idea of our priorities and next features/projects but want to visualize it better. The goal would be having the appropriate stakeholders being more aligned on the product's direction.

For context, our DevOps are managed on GitHub

Does anyone have suggestions on what tools/softwares they have used for similar situations?

I'd be happy to give more context, if you'd like.

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Take a look at Zoho one. Specifically Zoho projects.. might do everything u need

Very fond of pivotal tracker and it has GitHub integration. It’s the original Kanban-oriented issue tracker and is pretty cheap.


ProductBoard is amazing, and connects with github well. Great at prioritizing roadmap based on insights and even sharing roadmap That said, recently switch to Notion here which is more flexible in creating the structure we needed

Probably the answer you don’t want to hear, but at a 50 person saas company I imagine your dev team is no more than 10 people, and any roadmap you build will be relatively small that a spreadsheet and companion slide deck will be right for the job in almost all cases Assuming you really do mean a roadmap and not an issue tracking system. One compliments the other - eg dev team working of jira, with high level roadmap in spreadsheet that’s shared company wide, partners, and investors

Hey Alex Pasquini my team has been working on a new startup targeting exactly this problem 🙂. Check us out a Productmotion ( If you are up for it, would love to do a quick demo / pick your brain on how we can improve things

Perhaps tell us how you use and share the roadmaps? I've done the evaluation of many tools and some are better at sharing / collaboration while others dive deep for a single owner/product manager.

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3 weeks ago

Hi CTOs and aspiring co-founders,

I started a health tech company in the elder care space. We help families find caregivers and coordinate care using AI. We are operating in stealth mode and I’m looking for a technical cofounder who is passionate about healthcare.

One of my advisors is a top health cybersecurity CEO in Canada and we have corporate partnership interest.

This is my second company and I have a deep health and business background. I love software and looking for someone who loves it more than I do.

If you’re interested, would love to set up some virtual or in person chats (Toronto).
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I’ve been looking for the same for my fintech startup! As one suggestion, you can sign up for Y Combinator’s co-founder matching program. Most candidates are in the US but there are def some Cdn folks on there too

How about a marketing / business development co-founder?

I’ve been doing a lot of work in healthcare over the past decade and this sounds really interesting to me, I’d love to learn more! Will DM

👋I’m in the health tech space (Pediatrics) and believe in what you’re doing. Our health system is going to crash under the needs of the boomers and in-home care demand is only going up and to the right.. please let me know how I can be helpful. Two suggestions: engaging CABHI at Baycrest and Startup Health. Happy to connect you.

1 month ago

Does anyone have experience in hiring in the States? Any resources you can send me to assist in doing it the right way? Appreciate any tips or advice. ... See MoreSee Less

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Have you checked out Communitech’s Outpost program? They have an Employer of Record program that can save you the hassle of having to hire out of country. I’m not an expert on the topic, but do know there can be implications well beyond just dealing with payroll, including how your corporate taxes are filed, how you charge sales tax, etc.

I haven't hired in the states, but we are planning to use the Global Talent Stream program to hire a new team member that worked in the states, now lives in Brazil, and wants to immigrate to Canada. For context I run a small web and mobile dev shop/agency. If you're interested, I can give you more details! I've spoken to a couple of Canadian immigration lawyers, so I'm fairly well informed at this point!

If you're unknown in the U.S. then sourcing prospects is probably a good way to go. If you're looking for tools then could be great. I know them quite well and can introduce you. I really like how their platform works.

3 weeks ago

Hey Gang, looking for a Co/Founder / CTO ...

I am struggling to get my SaaS app launched due to a disconnect between me and the developers I've hired to code/create my app.
"We help sports families get in the game when they cant be at the game!"
We will change the way people interact with and enjoy minor league sports!!
I've done the testing and trials and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. I have people ready to jump in and pay for the app and I also have potential large scale investors who are interested in putting money behind it after I get it launched.
Here's the challenge - I am not from the SaaS industry and despite being a seasoned entrepreneur I simply don't speak the same language as the developers. everything that needs to be in version 1 of the app (IMHO) seems to be "out of the scope" event though this is the team that did the design sprint with me! (version 1 MVP is done but I don't want to launch it as is.)
Also, my network (while big in my "main" industry) does not extend into this space much so while I know I need to put a team together that can bridge the gap I'm not sure where to start. At this point I'm just getting frustrated and open to paying "the right person/people" as a consultant(s) or bringing them on as a co-founder/sweat equity partner?
Could really use some input and/or referrals for Rockstar A player who has the network, connections experience and passion to drive results and help me drive this!!
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Hey 👋 Peter. Let’s connect! I love the space you’re in. Currently working on a few sports initiatives in Web3. I’m at [email protected] - you can also checkout our site -

Few questions, which I'd be happy to chat through on a call instead of here, if reasonable. When you cite "minor" sports here, do you mean amateur? Is the idea that mom drives little Bobby to his soccer game, but, dad, sister, auntie, grandma, etc. are watching the game on the app? I've been a project manager on a few big IT projects in sport as a translator of requirements to the dev team. Also, I have a fair amount of experience auditing the sports tech landscape. Again, if helpful, let's jump on a call.

Hi Peter I’m a professional mobile app developer for iOS and android. I’m willing to invest my time in your startup. Please check your DM.

I definitely like the idea of this app and see lots of potential here. I lead a small group of developers(I am a developer as well) and we have successfully executed a few SaaS applications and working on a couple right now. I definitely can speak the language to developers as well as come up with ideas/features of the app however I 100% admit my network connections/experience in the sports industry is pretty much null. I would be more than happy to discuss more if interested and I am also located in Ontario.

Interesting project, I like the idea. There are quite a few people here that can definitely help you. That said, I do have a small software team that could pull something like this off and we really make sure that we're actually working with you and speaking your language before taking on the project. A quick chat couldn't hurt, if you're up for it. Just reach out and we can set up a time.

Let’s assume you have a roadmap of features which means at the feature level your team should be aligned. Then at a more drilled down layer comes the user experience for each feature. This should outline the end to end experience, so if something is missing then it is fair not to see it as part of the scope! Your challenge sounds like you could use a UX expert to close the gaps for the end to end user experience. (Make sure to size the work for each experience flow) I have been leading a UI/UX and App development company for few years and without proper UX that aligns Business owners, management and developers then you might be on a super bumpy road…Nothing worse than delivering features that aren’t aligned to expectations Feel free to DM me and I can review your challenge because I made few assumptions above about your current state. Will be happy to give some guidance to a fellow entrepreneur. You can find more about our methodolgy on our website as well.

You can register on Y Combinator’s co-founder matching program. I personally haven’t found a match yet, but def met some interesting people

How come you don't want to launch your MVP? The purpose of an MVP is to deliver something of value to your customers. If your MVP requires more features to be valuable, then I'd suggest rethinking your MVPs. Rather than... MVP 1 = feature A MVP 2 = feature A + Feature B MVP 3 = " + Feature C You should be thinking about it as... MVP 1 = solves customers pain point (not at game, get summary of game delivered via text - is it such that they'd pay $X for it) MVP 2 = better summary with pictures MVP 3 = edited video sent via email MVP n = app. This might help you get away from the feature build trap with the developers.

Hey, we are an IT and AI development company - We have an experienced team of developers and can help you with this development and also if you want to add any AI & ML logic to the application. Can you please share all the details on [email protected] We can sign an NDA to begin with so that you are not worried about your IP. To be clear, this will be a paid project, we won't be able to accept equity in return for the work.

Do you have any customers yet? I suggest whatever you do you find someone to use the app to provide some real world insights and requirements. Without Customers you don’t have much.

I’m a product guy in the SAAS space, have more questions, would love to learn more context, have some theories, will msg you!

I can help with sourcing

Hey Peter! I’ll throw my hat in the ring here. I see a lot of great development connections here, and I’ve heard this story before with frustrations in development. I’m a UI/UX designer, so you can save a TON of time and money doing your design first and handing it off to your existing dev team. We include extensive notes for the dev team on how everything should function so there’s zero surprises. That way it’s all scoped out already and they know exactly what to build! And you can keep your current dev team working. Let me know if you’re interested to chat ☺️

I know a software dev manager / CTO that has developerd that work for him that could probably help

Hey Peter! I run a small tech consulting company, and we have product managers, UX developers, and devs present to help brindle the gap. I’d love to connect with you and introduce you to some folks on the team, I think we could make your life a lot easier.

Hello Peter I'm a professional app developer having 10+ years of experience and believe I could be a great asset. I assure you quality work at cost effective price and is ready to sign an NDA too. Kindly let me know the best way to connect and share more details. You can also review my profile for feedback too.

Peter Ferrante still happy to talk on this. My co-founder is also a fractional CTO as part of our offering so if you want to discuss again let’s do it

Classic outsourcing problem.

Hey Peter, I currently run I'd be interested in chatting about this opportunity to learn more!

Sounds to me like you need a project manager or product manager that can get things on the path from prototype -> MVP -> MLP -> mature product.

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3 weeks ago

Anyone know of someone looking for a digital marketing specialist? Preferably with some CPG experience?

PM me
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Hi Jill, happy to chat with you about your company's digital marketing needs. I've helped numerous companies, including CPG brands with their strategy & campaigns.

Hey Jill. Happy to help. I have some experience in CPG as well!

4 weeks ago

Can anyone recommend a really good Google Ads and/or Facebook Ads person who they've personally worked with? (Not necessarily the same person). ... See MoreSee Less

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Eva at is amazing! I’ve brought her in to quite a few clients

Faraz is more junior, but he does great work

Hate to self promote, but those are our core services we offer here at Adjust Media! Small team of 6, and we service a few businesses in this group. Depends on your needs, but we mostly handle direct response and performance marketing for e-commerce brands.

I do a good bit of both. Happy to chat.

I’d recommend Ali Sifton of Futureproof

Ryan at is the best!

Don Hazan

Have you found someone? If not I have someone and can send you a dm.

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3 weeks ago

Hello! Our B2B software company (ContactMonkey) has always done quite well in Australia & New Zealand, so now we've decided to start an office there. We're going to send a few employees from Toronto, and then built out the team from there. I'm keen to hear from others who have done this before.

How did you deal with legal/accounting stuff?
Visa requirements?
Which recruiters did you use?

it will be great to have an offline chat with those who have experience with this.
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Hi. I’ve used Crown Mobility for all my corporate relocations. They handle Visas, employee moves, and housing. They’ve also helped with office location. I use KMPG for expect tax though. I don’t mess around there. Things like Superannuation and mandatory training and development plans are something you come across in AUS that can catch you off guard if you’re not prepared. Here’s a contact at Crown if you want to explore.

Scott - happy to help here. DM me or Jamie S.

Jeff Waldman how can you help?

3 weeks ago

Anyone know of an hardtech VC investing in pre-seed besides HAX.... Thanks ... See MoreSee Less

1 month ago

I am on the Board of Opportunity International- a charity that focuses on providing seed funding to women entrepreneurs in South America, Africa and other developing areas. They are looking to hold an event for donors with about 20-30 people, but need a venue in Toronto to do so. Sometime in October. Would anyone out there be willing to lend their space for such an event as a donation? They would be SUPER grateful. TIA! ... See MoreSee Less

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I will ask around!

Jackie Durk Dinsmore DM me and I can see how to help

Hi Jackie, would Thornhill be an option? I have a wonderful space I can offer.

We would be happy to lend our tilr office space if it works for you

4 weeks ago

Looking for private office space In downtown Toronto core, for 20-30 people, furnished, and ideally no longer than 2 year lease. I’m already working with a realtor, but in the off chance someone here has something that hasn’t hit the market yet let me know. ... See MoreSee Less

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Have you considered a coworking space like Workhaus? Chat with Ryan Speers!

We are planning to sublease our office on Yonge and King and may fit your needs.

Have the perfect space in Liberty Village. Newly built out, short term, with parking and far cheaper than co-working. DM me.

We’ve got space at Queen & University that we’re looking at subleasing. PM me if you want more details.

hi Bhavin Shah- we're vacating our space at WeWork at King/University that would match your requirements (5th floor) - only the "private" offices within our private office aren't private at all, and they made no effort to solve the issue during our stay here.

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