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2 days ago

Potentially not the best place to ask, but we're looking at getting some professional quality renderings done of some of our machinery. Anyone know anyone that's good, quick, affordable? Industrial machinery is the space...something like this: ... See MoreSee Less

Potentially not the best place to ask, but were looking at getting some professional quality renderings done of some of our machinery. Anyone know anyone thats good, quick, affordable? Industrial machinery is the space...something like this:

Comment on Facebook Potentially not the ...

I might know some one I will ask for you and send you a Persons email!

We do a lot of 3D modeling for industrial clients.

Have you considered using fivver?

I have a guy out here in BC who is unreal.

Reuben Kiblitsky

Do you have a specific CAD/spec./request ? If yes, please email me at [email protected]

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5 days ago

Has anyone recommendations for Paid Advertising agencies that focus on paid search and social for B2B SaaS? ... See MoreSee Less

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Take Some Risk ( + Delta Growth (

Hey Katie, we can help you. I'll shoot you a DM

Will reach out to you for an intro Stuart Thursby

Hi Katie Liston, take a look at Followbrands:

Hey Katie, check this out if it’s relevant! πŸ™‚

Jeff Goldenberg

We've been working with Westerfield Nubolt's agency for years and they are awesome.

Chat with Ali Sifton or Emily Foucault!!!

What's the budget range that you are looking for? We do this work and have been doing so for decades :)

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2 days ago

Any recommendations for a fulfillment service for small business with, initially, a low order volume per month?

I came across eShipper and they have good reviews but does anyone in this group have experience working with them or can recommend any other service? It's for a lightweight small product.
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Yep. ShipSimple is probably going to be your best solution in Canada. Let me know if you are interested in learning more and I’ll get you in touch with Dan who runs the company.

We're using Frightcom and happy from their services.

5 days ago

Question for B2B marketing folks - we're about to start a biweekly newsletter and most of the recipients will people at large enterprise clients where we have the ability to ask for a specific IP to be whitelisted. Mailchimp doesn't allow a dedicated send-from IP so this isn't possible with them - anyone have any mailchimp alternatives they like? I've heard Sendgrid mentioned... ... See MoreSee Less

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Check into hubspot

Sendgrid does have a dedicated IP option but haven't used it ourselves. That being said, very happy with Sendgrid for large scale marketing and transactional emails.

Sendgrid +1

I normally am a fan of mail chimp. But if they can't support you... maybe ActiveCampaign.

Mandrill possibly - and it’s owned by Mailchimp

Thanks folks!

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4 days ago

We’re looking for a tax specialist for Canadian companies that are incorporating in the US. Not looking for a big expensive firm but a small reasonably priced one. Thanks !! :)οΏΌοΏΌ ... See MoreSee Less

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Check us out at

Brian Cheng

Irene May Lee?

Zeifmans pm me if you’d like an intro.

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5 days ago

Looking to chat with sales and marketing pros who have used Salesforce integrated with the Pardot marketing automation platform. We want to understand the functionality from a real user standpoint. DM me if you can spare a few mins to chat ! Thank you 😊 ... See MoreSee Less

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Coralie Wood

Thank you 😊!

Erifili Morfidis I set up Pardot and integrated it with Salesforce in my last marketing role. Happy to chat!

4 days ago

Has anyone done a Teams Live Webinar, specifically that was open to the public? I'm stuck and would love someone who has used it before for public events. ... See MoreSee Less

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Dm me when you have some time.

Hey Ali, I've done many Teams Live internal sessions. I think making them open to the public just depends on your license / settings the system admin has set up. Let me know if you want to chat!

4 days ago

Has anyone worked with a developer freelancer on significant page speed optimizations? Ideally WordPress specific, but same principles can be applied.

Looking to work with an individual on only this aspect, not a new site or anything. Thanks!
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I work with one, who's helped us speed optimize quite a few of our wordpress sites. Happy to make an intro!

4 days ago

Does anyone here have experience setting up equity sharing programs for accelerators or funds? Something akin to a Venture Partner or Scout program. If so, I'd love to chat.

I'm just looking for any available resources on either best practices or how others have done it.

Thanks in advance!
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Craig Brown and I have experience. Happy to chat

DM me

7 days ago

Can anyone suggest where to start looking for capital? I'm creating a unique startup in the legal tech space. ... See MoreSee Less

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I’m happy to talk to you. DM me to arrange a time to chat

Skip Canada... goto the States

I’m happy to chat. Send me a DM so we can connect.

What kind of startup? I work in the space

Self/co-founders Friends and Family Angel Networks (Maple Leaf, York, Equation) Seed Funds (for legal, take a look at Strategics provided that it won't rule out their competitors as customers of your offering

The partners at your target firms.

Talk to they point you to the right direction

Get on crunch base and start building a list of firms that have a track record of investing in this space or show an interest in it. Then start networking your way to them by speaking to founders in their portfolios and leveraging that into an intro.

In the middle of a raise right now for a Canadian legal startup, it's an adventure πŸ˜‚ Definitely start with your network and expand out from there

From clients. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜…

Have you spoken with Ryerson’s Legal Innovation Zone?

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5 days ago

I mentor a lot of new companies and startups. I can't say I would want to start a new company in this climate unless the product specifically is tuned to the new reality.

How do we advise a new new start-up in this world.

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Probably the best time for startups. Maybe not for funding, but tons of verticals taking off now.

Lots of change happening right now. No better time.

Advice is more important than ever right now! I'm seeking out tons. How to navigate uncertainty, not burnout, intentionally build and maintain culture, manage cash flow, take risks, and way more.

I’d love to start a new company right now. I feel like the opportunities are endless.

We are in the digital investments space, and started the company in February and can’t say there has been a better time then today to start.

Chess board as been reset. Go. There will (likely) always be capital for good companies.

I think It might be the best time to try new and innovative ideas.

I'm having a great time looking at unique perspectives through my advisory work. Some companies are thriving right now and were simply waiting for the right conditions to make things happen. Keep an open mind, the best ideas come out of trying times.

Since most startups take 6-12 months of stealth mode before launch, I think it’s a great time to start one. Your launch will coincide with the economic rise!

This is a GREAT time to start a company. If you can hone a business model in this climate, you'll kill it over the next few years. Don't sit this out.

IMO, It’s become more important than ever to have honest conversation with founders and help them define if they are building an awesome potentially profitable business or a venture backed technology business which has different future outlook. I personally think it’s always a great time to start companies as long as you are passionate and knowledgeable about the problem you are solving and there are users willing to pay for your solution.

I would probably say right now is the best time to start a startup. There are ALOT of government subsidies being thrown at you πŸ™‚ Just be smart and start your startup do in Montreal.

It's pretty well documented that the '08 recession created some of the top companies today. However, I would suspect that prolonged periods of economic downturn, like '08, also increases failure rates of new companies. Assuming that's true, this time exacerbates the double-edged sword of tech: winner-take-all. That means have a great idea _and_ a great team to execute as mistakes are magnified.

I am finding everything is moving extremely fast... Everybody is available. I also only work in the US Its called Covid-Time I can send out emails for zoom meetings with senior people (eg bank presidents) for w says away ... and they show up. Its not that impressive... Bank presidents in the US are dime a dozen.

Don’t give equity and don’t raise capital either because it in itself is time consuming and a full time job. Founders always stay on the front lines and have VCs come to you. It’s all about product, and proper feature improvements that enable customer success further, automate it and simplify it. No tech debt. Never sell serve first, don’t hire a sales team - find champions and aggregators and never turns no’s into yes’. Only hire those that share the same vision value and passion that you do. Build an MVP for one single hyper targeted person to solve one single problem and build from there. Webapp first always because it’s way cheaper and you’re proving a point to add another distribution point. Don’t hire sales teams hire partnership aggregators. Don’t hire customer success teams automate it. Build a product that can be white labelled. It’s about mindset, and putting in the work to know you can’t fail eventually. Go out and learn. It takes a hundred tries sometimes but do it. It’s all in the reputations. Don’t think too much, get entirely out of you’re head and think big. Execute. Never sacrifice integrity or reputation. Serve first and make genuine, not forced, relationships with good people. Most importantly go learn. It’s not win or lose it’s win or learn. Theres a million new opportunities now more than ever given its almost a level playing field.

Are you gunna run from it or plant a new crop in its wake?

Are they a winner in the post Covid lottery? E-commerce, E learning, E health? Anything with an E basically. Otherwise, they have to pivot to become one

Cash and revenue are king. It’s tough to find early stage funding

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6 days ago

Can anybody recommend a bank / banker that's just really sharp / on the ball?

I'm just trying to set up a simple business chequing account, but I keep getting connected with reps who want to do multiple phone calls + require an in-person meeting (not in a hurry to do the latter with Covid going on)

Would love to just send my docs in and get set up - any recommendations?
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Looking for the same!

I’m also looking for a talking purple unicorn. Still looking.

In all seriousness, after so much pain trying to deal with RBC and TD, I had a relatively seamless experience with Meridian. If that’s something you’d consider, I can share my contact’s name. I’m getting private banking like service for free. But it’s not a major bank.

Rizwan Shakoor

All banks are like that now. They need to do shitload of KYC which is annoying as hell. I guess there are too many drug lord and corruption

Try your local credit union. I get that sort of service from mine.

PNC bank does commercial lending?

I could be mistaken but I think a physical presence is required in the Bank Act. Either way, Meridian is the best of the credit unions imo.

Required a physical meeting to see up my TD biz chequing. They needed to check your ID, papers of incorporation etc and photo copy them for records.

Unfortunately you won't deal with a great person until you are big enough to become a borrower. That is what the banks care about

It’s all a crapshoot that depends on your actual rep, not the bank. Best we found was as a walk-in at TD, but that’s not happening rn. Btw it doesn’t change much until you’re borrowing over $2M-$3M.

A visit to the bank may be unavoidable, unfortunately. However 1 visit should be all that is required and documents can be sent in prior or in case they follow up for more. LMK if you'd like to speak with RBC.

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5 days ago

Does anyone know of an ecomm b2b platform that specializes in exports? Filling containers, MOQs, 'booking not paying', max weight of container or max CBM, and some other container building functions? I'm sure there must be something out there but I can't find it. ... See MoreSee Less

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Our system supports max CBM (with option to select container size), MOQs, multiple price lists/currencies etc. Would love to help.

Alex Seimanidis what is your solution?

Yeah let's connect

6 days ago

I'm currently exploring different "all-in-one" payroll/HR SaaS solutions.
What's your experience with Humi, Knit, Rise? Are there others I should consider as well?
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Figured I should chime in here since I set HR practices up for a living! I have a couple of clients on HUMI and it's gotten so much better - their ATS still isn't great (but most that are combined are not) the rest of the platform is quite good and getting better... like any system - it's only as good as the implementation and utilization of it. But as someone who was a skeptic before I would definitely use Humi again with other clients.

I had a good experience with humi!

Colleagues were talking about which appears to also be a Canadian system.

Humi or Collage

We used Humi and it was great. The team that built Collage is pretty reputable but never used it.

Humi is fantastic - easy to use, great UI.

I like Knit some cool HR features over and above just payroll.

Humi is ok. Lots of issues still and outside of payroll everything is pretty ad hoc. Doesn't integrate with benefits directly and retirement accounts are separate. Having seen what you can get in the US there is a huge gap but for straight payroll it's fine (except they just had a bug last payroll where pay stubs weren't emailed out our downloadable)

Carl Mercier, where is your startup located? We’re in Quebec and he an awful experience with Knit. We’re moving to Wagepoint and our benefits are with Humi. They’re customer service is great (we deal with Lauren), but they don’t do payroll in Quebec and we’re not using their HR software. I agree that Collage is a good option, but they quoted us something that ended up being very expensive. You can reach out on LinkedIn if you need any help, we just went through the exercise of evaluating different softwares.

Collage was acquired by PeopleCorp and is now only available through insurance advisors. Rise took on a strategic investment from Sun Life - they integrate with Sun Life and in the future will be working on integrations with other insurance companies.

One of my clients, a small Toronto-based tech company use Humi and they like it. They use them for their health benefits so the platform is free. Humi also recently secured a $10 million funding round and I believe most of it is going towards the product. You will never find a solution that works perfectly for payroll, benefits, recruiting, HRIS and all other sub functions.

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6 days ago

Can anyone recommend a great freelancer that has been known to design amazing sales presentations? Work in health science is an asset. ... See MoreSee Less

5 days ago

7 days left to apply to CIX Top 20 Early and CIX Top 10 Growth Awards Progra. No cost and submissions seen by 100++ active North American investors. #cix2020 #CIXTop20 #cixtop10 #startups #venturecapital ... See MoreSee Less

7 days left to apply to CIX Top 20 Early and CIX Top 10 Growth Awards Progra. No cost and submissions seen by 100++ active North American investors. #CIX2020 #CIXTop20 #CIXTop10 #startups #venturecapital

7 days ago

Hi! Does anyone have recommendations for a good cross border (US/CAN) tax specialist? ... See MoreSee Less

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I've had a good experience with Rajeev at Manrke

Camellia Ho, Smythe Ratcliffe.

Trowbridge specializes in USA, UK and Canada cross border taxes ( )

7 days ago

Does anyone have any recommendations on channels for hiring that attract a diverse group of candidates. I.e. are certain recruiting forums/webistes attracting more diverse applicants than others ? ... See MoreSee Less

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I have seen angelist to be quite diverse. It provides equal opportunity to anyone willing to go to extra length.

Are you only hiring Canadians? If not we can help!

7 days ago

Virtual Assistants :: Any user based recommendations on versatile and secure Virtual Assistants / or Virtual Assistant companies . Think I’m leaning towards a company that can internally crowdsource tasks vrs a sole virtual assistant that needs to figure it all out.. Thoughts / recommendations ? ... See MoreSee Less

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Sounds like what Katrina McKay and her team at Uplevel Solutions can help with


I have worked with Virtual Gurus. Very happy with the experience.


Following is a Canadian company for VA’s. I have never used them but I know the CEO personally and there is very little that woman cannot do well! Good luck!

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