NowPublic gets kudos from

NowPublic, the website concept we all thought about in 1999 but didn’t do anything about, has been named one of the Top 50 websites by

The Vancouver, BC company has almost 100,000 different contributors and can often be found at the top of a google search about recent events.

The list is actually a lot better than the contrived editorial-list you’d normally expect from summer intern-journalism. Etsy, Prosper and others are all good company.

10 Small Canadian Tech Companies to Watch

For the low low price of $3,500 you can read about 10 up and coming Canadian tech companies.

“This IDC study profiles 10 relatively small, emerging software companies that IDC believes are worthy of highlighting to the broader industry and have the potential to make an impact in the ICT market. The analysis in this study provides valuable input to ICT vendors, large and small, to identify success factors employed by top emerging Canadian software vendors.”

Among those companies that are profiled is Idee Inc., which is run by Leila, one of Toronto’s most beloved entrepreneurs.

The other companies featured in the report are Apparent Networks, Casero (white-label social networks for marketing), Coveo (Enterprise Search), Halogen (HR Software), Loki, M-Tech (Identity Management), Objectworld (PBX Hosting), Osellus, and Privasoft.

Who on earth would spend $3,500 on 10 profiles, I have no idea. Especially with all our wonderful profiles here on Startupnorth!