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RedFlagDeals acquired

RedFlagDeals.com acquired by YPG

Congratulations to everyone at ClearSky Media & RedFlagDeals!

The team at RedFlagDeals announced this morning that they have been acquired by the Yellow Pages Group.

Just as our community has blossomed, so has Canadian ecommerce. It’s my belief that Canadian retailers are ready to take the next step that bridges online shopping and in-store shopping. We want to be involved in that evolution, but it requires us to take a step forward as well. That’s why I’m happy to announce that RedFlagDeals.com has found a partner that understands what we do, what we want to achieve, and can help us do that. RedFlagDeals.com has been purchased by a company that has been working to connect retailers and consumers for over one hundred years: Yellow Pages Group.

Like us, Yellow Pages Group is focused on helping Canadians make smarter buying decisions every day. YPG has relationships with over 385,000 businesses in Canada. With their reach and resources we’ll be able to share coupons and deals on a scale that would have been impossible in any other situation. Rather than watching ecommerce develop from the sidelines, we will now be able to actively help it evolve while passing on the values that RedFlagDeals.com has always had: respecting consumers and helping them save money while doing it!

Derek, Ryan, Kaitlyn and the entire team have been participants and strong supporters of the community in Toronto. They have been participating since the very beginning (yes, Derek & Ryan were attendees at the first DemoCamp). They have built a true online media business in Canada, driving traffic, advertising and engagement among their users. comScore has listed them #4 in reach in 2009 for Canadian startups. They are the real deal.

My prediction is that 2010 is the year of acquisitions in Canada. We’ll start to see a larger number startups across Canada getting acquired by both Canadian and US companies. I hope 2010 will bring more stories like RedFlagDeals.

Week in Review