StickerYou launches

Laptop Stickers

Toronto based StickerYou launched today. They are a provider of customized stickers. The interesting part is the ability to create customized stickers that are not limited to traditional diecuts of square or round. There are other providers that offer similar services but not in a self-service capacity and at a much higher fee than the StickerYou offering.

StickerYou (, is excited to announce the public launch today of an innovative and flexible online service for designing and creating high-quality stickers. StickerYou’s platform offers the ultimate in customization, letting users create their own 8.5” x 10.5” sheets of removable, vinyl stickers, combining uploaded personal images and art from StickerYou’s library of thousands of images.

The first-of-its-kind technology used for StickerYou’s die-cut Sticker Maker means stickers are cut along the outline of the image, and are not limited to a standard square, circle or a particular size. StickerYou believes its breakthrough technology will disrupt the $1 billion sticker industry.

StickerYou launches with several brand partnerships, including PEANUTS®, Mr. Men and Little Miss™ and Star Trek, with the LEGO® brand, Showtime’s Dexter and additional brands to follow. By partnering with StickerYou, these brands can extend their uniquely shaped iconic images to audiences both online and offline. StickerYou will continue to partner with more brands and artists in the coming months, to expand the library of art available to StickerYou customers.

Through its unique Sticker Maker widget, StickerYou is also giving brand and affiliate partners the opportunity to embed the StickerYou Sticker Maker on their own Web sites.

“We are excited to be partnering with StickerYou to provide fans with the power to create online customized die-cut stickers of their favorite PEANUTS characters with ease,” said Helen Bransfield, Executive Director at United Media, the licensing and syndication company for PEANUTS.

Andrew Witkin, StickerYou’s president and chief executive said, “StickerYou saw a huge opportunity to revolutionize people’s ability to create personalized stickers. We give consumers the right to pick the size, shape and images that they want. The end result is the perfect sticker.”

“StickerYou is addressing a market that features an insatiable desire for stickers—from decorating laptops to styling skateboards; from creating bumper stickers to personalizing scrapbooks; or just stickering your logo,” Witkin said. “For consumers, marketers, artists, brands and teams, StickerYou’s ability to create and order as little as one to a few hundred customized stickers is a powerful proposition.”

StartupCampMontreal – May 6, 2010

It’s time againg for a road trip to Montreal. Phil Telio and his crew of supporters (John Stokes, Austin Hill and Sylvain Carle) are hosting another must attend startup event in Montreal. The event is shaping up to have 2 components:

  1. Participant-driven Conference – starting at 1pm
  2. Keynote & Pitches – starting at 6pm


The participant-driven event, aka the “unconference”, is one of the best parts. The idea is that the schedule is determined by the attendees. There will be technologists, lawyers, funders, marketers, designers and others. The question is what do you want to talk about? NoSQL technologies. Mobile implications for social gaming mechanics. Legals of fund raising in Canada without Section 116. I’ve heard that Dave McClure is planning on doing “an exercise in entrepreneurial improv theatre”. I first saw Half-Baked dot com at ETech’07. It’s an incredibly fun engaging way to learn how to quickly build companies, business models and pitches without the constraints usually imposed by making it your own business.

Keynote & Pitches

The evening event is essential cocktails and pitches. Highlighting the event is Dave McClure’s keynote.

Dave McClure Dave McClure has been geeking out in Silicon Valley for over twenty years as a software developer, entrepreneur, startup advisor, angel investor, blogger, & internet marketing nerd.  Dave currently runs a seed-stage investment program for Founders Fund, and also manages the fbFund REV social incubator.  His passion is helping startups with marketing, product strategy, and startup metrics, and he has been an advisor or investor in more than 40 companies including: (acquired by Intuit), SlideShare, Mashery, TeachStreet, KISSmetrics, Simply Hired, Twilio,, UserVoice, and CreditKarma, among others.

Following the keynote there will 5 pitch/presentation/demo spots. Traditionally StartupCampMontreal presentations have been very pitch focused. I think there is an opportunity for a presenter to really rock this venue. Thing about this as a chance to build demand and generate excitement about your startup. It’s a chance to get feedback about a part of your business. Whether that is your fund raising pitch, your product demo, or other. I’d start by looking at TechCrunch50, Demo, and others for inspiration. You want to win the giveway. Trust me you want to win the giveaway.


Geeks on a PlaneThe StartupCampMontreal organizers are giving away a ticket for Geeks on a Plane Asia. What the hell is geeks on a plane? It sounds like a bad movie that stars Samuel Jackson. Playing the role of Samuel Jackson is Dave McClure.  The goal of Geeks on a Plane is a great one. It’s to get you out of your comfort zone. To force entrpreneurs to travel to meet investors, customers, entrepreneurs in other countries, and gain insight and connections that can be used to further your business. It’s a great event in the safety of the company of other geeks like you.

  • Meet startups, geeks, & investors in cities around the world.
  • Learn about trends in internet, mobile, and other tech platforms.
  • Gain insight into local markets, demographics, business models.
  • Meet cool people, new ventures, have fun on planes, trains, buses.

I’m an entreprenur and this sounds AWESOME! How do I win? You need to apply to present at StartupCampMontreal6. One of the presenting companies will be selected to get some mentoring from Dave McClure and a ticket to travel with Geeks on a Plane.

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