The best laid 15 year plans

Southern Alberta Railroad Tracks

Photo by ecstaticist

OMERS and ABP announced the launch of INKEF Capital, a € 200 million venture fund that is focused on deploying € 100 million in Canada in 5 years.

“In the first five years, € 100 million is anticipated to be invested in start-ups in each of the territories, the Netherlands and Canada. The initial portfolio will naturally be weighted towards early stage companies which will mature over the fifteen year term. Deal flow will come from various sources, including technology transfer offices of universities, informal investors, regional funds and from spin-offs of new technologies by existing companies.” 

This is great. It’s nice to see new capital getting ready to be deployed to Canadian entrepreneurs. What’s interesting is the reason that INKEF believes it is differentiated than other capital:

“INKEF Capital distinguishes itself from other investors by its long term investment horizon and active mentoring of the start-ups.”

Makes me wonder what the other firms have been doing? Passive mentoring? It will be interesting to gather more details as content becomes available (Currently is not active and the WHOIS record returns a registrar and intellectual property firm in the Netherlands). This looks it is a direct investment vehicle for OMERS & ABP,  “programs for direct investment as a promising new strategic option”.  I can’t wait to hear Mark McQueen’s take on this, but given we’re in Day 9 of his hunger strike I suspect that you’re stuck with my limited insight.