Hack/Reduce Toronto

Hack/Reduce Toronto - June 18, 2011

We are pleased to be supporting Hack/Reduce Toronto. The rise of real-time computing, distributed sensors and big data have provided the ground work for development of a way to distributed the processing of these emerging large data sets across a cluster of computers. There are lots of Toronto and global companies leveraging the processing and analysis of large data sets to discover unique relationships in their data (Backtype, Postrank, BuzzData, Attachments.me, Google, and others. This is a wonderful opportunity for technical cofounders to get experience leveraging Map/Reduce, Hadoop and the shared expertise of local experts with some hands-on learning about big data.

What is Hack/Reduce?

Hack/Reduce is a free one-day big data hackathon. The goal is to extract valuable information from large datasets and learn how to work with big data. The event brings together Developers, Companies, Entrepreneurs and Students interested in Big Data.


  • Free access to Amazon EC2 clusters that can be scaled up according to your needs.
  • Pre-loaded datasets (participants are encouraged to suggest datasets)
  • Introduction to Hadoop and Map/Reduce and the infrastrucure
  • Support from Hadoop and Map/Reduce experts
  • Food and drinks

At the end of the event, participating teams and developers get to present what they have done, what they learned and what problems they faced. It’s an opportunity to develop something great, learn Hadoop MapReduce and meet people interested in big data.

Who is it for?

Developers, researchers and students in big data or interested in working with big data. The best thing is if you have something you want to get done that requires a lot of computing power. Alternatively, you can come to learn to use Hadoop. Basically Hack/Reduce is about developers, working with new people, pizza, unlimited computing power and large data sets.

Who is involved?

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