A few slides for every Canadian startup

With a little help from my friends

I think that every Canadian startup could throw a couple of slides in their presentations and pitch decks that could help themselves and help build a stronger ecosystem in Canada. I was struck by the story of Jon Medved in Startup Nation including other startups in his pitch deck. It’s a simple thing. It demonstrates entrepreneurial density, provides social proof, and potentially helps create some FOMO in foreign investors. All from including 2 or 3 slides at the end of your presentation or pitch deck, particularly when you are travelling.

At StartupNorth, we’ve always believed that we as entrepreneurs should help each other out. The goal here is to raise the noise around Canadian startups and your friends and colleagues when you are travelling. There is a lot of amazing stuff going on in Canada. We don’t need public sector programs and not-for-profits to support us, we already do the things to grow our companies. And a little bit of extra effort to raise the attention of those around us. It won’t hurt, it will help.

Here are basic un-styled PowerPoint slides that include a set of recent fundings in Canada by US VCs and a second slide that lists a set of other local companies that the audience might find interesting. (I have added 24 companies I think are interesting).

Help us. Add the following slides to your presentations.

The Art of the Pitch

There are a lot of different formats and presentations about how to create a pitch for investors. I’ve included my favourites about the structure and template – the resources include Viagra, Sequencing, Hacks and the Art of it all. These are great resources about the structure of your presentation and about what to do (or not to do) in your presentation.

“Give me your tired, your poor/Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free” The New Colossus by Emma Lazarus

For me one of the best ways to learn is to see real world examples and to rip, mix and burn these into my one words and formats. And we are trying to gather a list of great sample pitches. I’ve included Mint.com, Zapmeals, and an awesome angel pitch from Ali Asaria at Well.ca. But we’re looking for additional examples of great pitch decks to help entrepreneurs see what has worked for others.

The Art, Hacks and Dysfunctional Love of the Pitch

Sample Pitch Decks

Submit example pitches