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2 weeks ago

Reaching out to the marketing professionals here - we are an early stage B2B tech startup struggling to kickstart our marketing efforts. Would really appreciate some advice on how to get started!

Thanks in advance!
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Hi Nasib! I can jump on a call with you to share what we've learned. Message me.

Where are you based out of? May have some resources for you

Would love to learn more, so I could share some concrete advice.

Nasib Ahmed sent you a DM

Hey, Nasib! I launch startups for a living and have launched 14 different startups from $0 to $2MM+ annual revenue. One of the key elements of how I approach this is a sequence that helps you identify your best audience and then grow it to a million dollars in ARR. LMK if you have any questions about the above. 🙂

Happy to have a chat SocialEyes Communications

Would love to learn more about your business and give you advice that is more targeted

Happy to chat. We work with early-stage businesses both in a coaching capacity and full execution. Feel free to book in for a discussion: [email protected]

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4 days ago

Hello! My company is moving offices and we have 42 sit/stand desks with pedestals (drawers) we are selling.

Desk comes with the pedestal (drawer) and the backing and monitor arm but NOT the monitor.

Dimensions are 55"x28"

Located in Leslieville. Price is firm and pick up needs to be Monday to Friday 9am-4pm.
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Hello! My company is moving offices and we have 42 sit/stand desks with pedestals (drawers) we are selling. 

Desk comes with the pedestal (drawer) and the backing and monitor arm but NOT the monitor.

Dimensions are 55x28

Located in Leslieville. Price is firm and pick up needs to be Monday to Friday 9am-4pm.Image attachment

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How much are they?

Do you have any collaboration tables ? Interested in desks but depends on price. Without knowing that I will not make the trip.

What’s the price?

let us know the price...

might be interested but need o know price Sally Babaie

Are they automatic? I may grab one or two!

Would be helpful if you put in the price in the post

I would be interested! What is the price?

My apologies! The price would have been helpful lol. $500 + tax

Marc Fielding

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1 week ago

Hello all,

We have a digital platform and want to have content on it for our users (both content we create and 3rd party content - articles to begin with, then video, infographics). What have you done or seen done when dealing with writing and publishing content? Coded some editor, used/integrated WordPress, done something else?

Thanks a lot!
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Hey Tim, Feel free to shoot me a message, can walk you through some options on this topic

5 days ago

Best app to track receipts / expenses? ... See MoreSee Less

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My CFO has me using a HubDoc/Xero combo. In the past, I used Freshbooks as part of a larger system for my consulting business.

Wave use to have a great app for this but they have since discontinued it… they still have capability of adding invoices and expenses but not nearly as easy/useful as the app with ability to take pictures of receipts and it would load into the system with a lot of data filled out for you.

Look at Expensify app

FredhBooks (also great for invoicing).

4 days ago

Can someone point to a reliable freelancer or agency who can help with YouTube growth? ... See MoreSee Less

5 days ago

In honour of Small Business Week coming up, I'm going to be debuting some featured no-nonsense-straight-to-the-point business advice for small business owners.

For my business owners out there, what are some questions you would like answers to? Imagine you had the world's leading accountant (marketing professional, HR professional, Lawyer, Sales person), in front of you. What would you ask?

The topics we are going to cover our Accounting, Marketing, Sales, and Talent Acquisition.

Comment below with your questions
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What tax/incorporation moves make the most sense in the earliest stages to save effort/retain the most money 5 years/$5M AAR?

2 weeks ago

Looking for international money transfer service recommendation to pay contractors in Asia.

Had been using Remitr last 3 years, but their service has been in decline since the start of this year.
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Take a look at

I use xoom, it’s a PayPal company and works well

If you’re a business checkout Lowest cost fx you’ll find and sending $ is low/no fee.

I second wise. Feel free to use my referral link for a deal on your first transfers!

I’ve also enjoyed RemitBee. It’s a bit more geared for Canadian businesses specifically

Try Big sending limit, good exchange rates, fast transfers, and more.

Try RemitBee - HQ is based in Missisauga and all transfers $500+ are free. Plus they have business accounts for higher sending limits if required. - full disclosure: I'm a current employee AND happy customer.


Remitly. (aff)

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4 weeks ago

Hi folks,

Planning a ~3 day leadership retreat for our management team and am looking for referrals on any facilitators that are good in this space. It will be in Ontario for ~10 people.


EDIT: I’ve booked a facilitator. Thanks to all for the help.
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Did ours at drake hotel in sandbanks in June, it was great, but might be getting a bit off season now

If you're interested in bringing in someone from Montreal for diversity/inclusion training, I have someone who is excellent.

Highly recommend Alexis Dean or Shelby Hacala from Nav360.

Nick Matheson is fantastic. Let me know if you would like an intro.

Check her out! Based in Ontario.

The June Motel with Ingo Rauth

Leanne Monaghan is an amazing coach who does exactly this and will definitely elevate the team experience.

I can do this for you. I’ve run leadership workshops for a number of organizations including startups. And I’m based in Ontario.

Jackie Watt Lauer

Highly recommend Unicorn Labs Leadership Development here’s their retreat page:

Fahd Alhattab and his are fantastic! Recommend!

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2 weeks ago

Does anyone in Toronto have a desk chair at an office they are no longer using/would consider donating? I have been hosting a woman from Kiev who has moved into her own apartment and is looking for a chair for her setup. FWIW she's looking for a job too if anyone needs an admin/office assistant with a strong communications background. ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

A great co-working alternative at Richmond and Spadina. 1,200 sf loft with 2 meeting rooms, full kitchen, open space for 10 + ppl. Available November 1st. $4,000 per month. Fully Furnished. 12 foot ceilings, patio and fully renovated! msg. me for details ... See MoreSee Less

A great co-working alternative at Richmond and Spadina.  1,200 sf loft with 2 meeting rooms, full kitchen, open space for 10 + ppl.  Available November 1st.  $4,000 per month.  Fully Furnished.  12 foot ceilings, patio and fully renovated!  msg. me for detailsImage attachmentImage attachment

2 weeks ago

Any recommendations for the reliable remote business registration and tax filing services in Texas, US? ... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago

Hey everyone - looking for recommendations on creating really good product videos, including the storyboard, content, visuals, etc.. This is for an enterprise SaaS company. Thanks!! ... See MoreSee Less

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Justin Sabarre from Pushr!

$10 a minute sound good ?

Michelle Daides

4 weeks ago

Looking for a blogger in financial services arena - any recommendations? (2-4 blogs per month approx 750-1000 words) ... See MoreSee Less

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Jil, had good experience hiring from upwork. Maybe worth a look. They usually price by word. What helped me: - identify pillar content and SEO worthy topics using semrush

Robin is great - not sure if she does freelance still or not but worth a reach out:

3 months ago

Hi CTOs and aspiring co-founders,

I started a health tech company in the elder care space. We help families find caregivers and coordinate care using AI. We are operating in stealth mode and I’m looking for a technical cofounder who is passionate about healthcare.

One of my advisors is a top health cybersecurity CEO in Canada and we have corporate partnership interest.

This is my second company and I have a deep health and business background. I love software and looking for someone who loves it more than I do.

If you’re interested, would love to set up some virtual or in person chats (Toronto).
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I’ve been looking for the same for my fintech startup! As one suggestion, you can sign up for Y Combinator’s co-founder matching program. Most candidates are in the US but there are def some Cdn folks on there too

How about a marketing / business development co-founder?

I’ve been doing a lot of work in healthcare over the past decade and this sounds really interesting to me, I’d love to learn more! Will DM

👋I’m in the health tech space (Pediatrics) and believe in what you’re doing. Our health system is going to crash under the needs of the boomers and in-home care demand is only going up and to the right.. please let me know how I can be helpful. Two suggestions: engaging CABHI at Baycrest and Startup Health. Happy to connect you.

This may be an old thread but what about a Fractional CTO? Ive seen some success there and the right one can help your business but you wont need to be all in. Ive done full time CTO and a small startup and I feel fractional could be an option depending on cash flow and needs. Might be worth considering

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4 weeks ago

Hi All,
Can anyone recommend a reliable Terms and conditions/ privacy generator for apps.
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I've used Contracts Market for my website -

I only did a quick Google. My startup ended up using Lawyers ($$$ 🙁 ) but this site COULD help YMMV

4 weeks ago

Hello! We're setting up an office in Sydney, Australia to help grow our business over there, and we're thinking through the best way to manage employee contracts, payroll, benefits, etc. We're looking into services like Deel and Remote. Any experience using these types of platforms to pay overseas employees/contractors?
Thanks in advance!
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Loved Deel. I have some experience on both sides of it - as an employer and as an employee receiving payments. Would totally recommend - very smooth, quick, simple. Have not heard of Remote.

1 month ago

I have a 1,200 sf space available at Richmond and Brant. the space has 13 foot ceilings, private patio, full kitchen, 1 boardroom, 1 meeting room and open space for 12 ppl. fully furnished and flexible on term. $4,500 per month. Message me for photos and a floor plan ... See MoreSee Less

1 month ago

Hi everyone!
With our team now going fully remote, we’ve got our space for sublease:
- near Queen & University
- fully renovated
- 8th floor of a small building (~3500 sq ft)
- open “working / collaborative” space
- 4 meeting room / offices
- kitchenette
Available furnished or empty!
DM me for details and/or pics!!
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