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7 hours ago

Hi Everyone - hope you are all enjoying this beautiful day.
I’m looking for office space, ideally within a couple blocks of the Yonge subway line, south of bloor. We are working with an agent but they are showing us a lot of old school spaces. If anyone has more of a startup space they are looking to sublease let me know here or email [email protected]
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Co-working spots like Spaces in Yorkville?

Hey Leah, we have a space we’re looking to sublease but it’s in the west end on Dupont. Too far?

1 day ago

Question/thoughts around A/R and collections...What model(s) does your SaaS business employ? Specifically more consumer focused business vs enterprise. Eg. larger customer based with lower monthly price points vs smaller enterprise customer base with high per/customer revenues.

1) Writing off lapsed or uncollected payments for customers below a certain $$ threshold
2) sending customers to collections

If your model involves sending customers to collections, how do you manage this at scale?
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If your business is an SaaS and they don't pay their monthly subscription you take away their access no? I mean really you should have extremely little A/R. The question around non-payment then should be why did they stop using your software?

Would be more than happy to chat about it if you have some time.

2 days ago

Hey everyone!
I’m currently building a 2-sided platform and am in the early stages of acquiring users for the app.
I’ve been thinking about the chicken and the egg problem in particular and I was wondering if anyone would have any advice on the best way to think about this?
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Matt. Feel free to PM me with some details on what you’d like to accomplish and I’ll see if I can help.

Pay one side of the marketplace to wait for the other, which will kick-start the community.

Sellers will follow buyers, I would suggest taking Amazon's approach and focus heavily on making sure buyers are there. In my own experience merchants will jump through many hoops if there is evidence that there is a pay off on the other side (lots of buyers). Consumers are less likely to spend any time fiddling around or jumping through hoops and will move on, which is why I would priorize them first and foremost. That being said you do need some content for the consumers to engage with or buy, so finding some early merrchants with lots of inventory early on is essential.

This is a big topic! Thankfully there’s smart writing on it DM if you’d like to talk this stuff through. Cred: helped build Flexday membership from 70 to 12,000 with no paid acq 🤙🏽

Depends if consumer or b2b marketplace. We have done a B2B marketplace at Cellbie and early on focus was on sellers. It was was easy to get buyers as supply was the issue. Once you get going it is the never ending balancing act but early on as sellers for us. DM me if you want to chat if it is B2B.

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1 week ago

Hey everyone!

Wondering if any of you have an office (or big boardroom within an office) sitting empty that we could put to use this Thursday and Friday afternoon?

We’re looking for a quiet space to do some employee/customer interviews and a small group exercise. Would be ~8 of us.

We’re looking for a quiet space and our shared office won’t cut it. Seems COVID restrictions also means coworkiing spaces are a no-go. Happy to compensate with cases of beer/wine or $$.

Let me know!
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Not sure if you already booked a space but you can check out Verkspace and speak to Edward he owns the place and is a great guy. I am sure he can help you out!

We wound up using Workhaus and it was a really great experience. Awesome space overlooking the courtyard/fountain at commerce court and a really successful session for our team!

2 weeks ago

Wondering who the top early stage hardware investors are in Canada that new startups should speak with? (in this case, pre- commercialization stage, creating a new category - building off of technology developed at a top Canadian University). Thank you for any recommendations! ... See MoreSee Less

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You should talk to Jeffery Potvin at OPN Ninja… he is incredibly well connected in the space

Do early stage hardware investors even exist in Canada?

Talk to Scott Pelton at RiSC.

1 week ago

Anyone know a decent office designer? Just secured a really nice new office space and want to set it up for our current reality of half a dozen in at a time all needing to do occasional Zoom calls. Thinking lots of glass… ... See MoreSee Less

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Check out XDesign!! They are amazing!

Contact Olga - a registered interior designer of

Sent you a pm

Decca-Design Inc. Focused on dental industry for sure but she has a great eye for design. We just built our latest clinic and the design was absolutely awesome.

Tatiana Soldatova

Ashley Warboys

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1 week ago

I have developed a B2B queue managment system. Looking for some help to introduce it to proper clients
I am looking forward to hear from you guys...
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Why not start with the customers you used to validate that your queue management system is needed?

2 weeks ago

Hey! I’m looking for recommendations for a good accountant with experience working with venture-backed startups but who can also assist with personal tax matters.

Who should I connect with?

Thanks in advance!
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Check us out:

Feel free to dm me. My firm specializes in helping startups.

Same here, also looking for an accountant with experience in B2B SaaS and selling to different provinces and the US

Hi! My team at Propulsio360 can certainly help you out.

Atin Gupta

Irene at is awesome and has the right experience for you.

Niko Anastassakis at MNP

Try Entreflow Consulting Group (I used to work there).

I’d highly recommend Future Balance CPAS and Ry Zee.

Talk to Josh Aharonoff!

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2 weeks ago

Hello! Our software company serves mainly enterprise accounts, and due to this, we're being continuously asked to complete infosec questionnaires in order to win the business. This is taking up a very large chunk of time every month, and we're interested in how others serving enterprises deal with this.

Did you hire a full-time or fractional CISO to own this?

Do you outsource these questionnaires to a compliance firm?

Thank you for all your feedback, ideas & intros!
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Amarbir Chahal

Darren Gallop

If you are closing more and more Enterprise deals consider making this a full time role if you can. Don't think about it like a burden, but an area you can invest in and make a competitive advantage (InfoSec/compliance). Outsourcing is good if you don't have the budget right now but this part of the sales cycle will only continue to get more complex and time consuming as you grow.

Highly recommended Shayne Carter for this

We've used Anders Nelson for this and he is great:

Matty McComb thanks for the shout out. Scott, I sent you a message to see how I can best be of service. You're asking the right questions. Let's get you some answers!

Thank you for the initial replies!

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2 weeks ago

Looking for a knowledgeable bookkeeper for an initial job of entering months of expenses into quick books and then maybe once a month to keep on top and consolidate them. ... See MoreSee Less

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Been very happy with our bookkeepers (after quite a bit of less than ideal previous experiences). Happy to make an intro. Pankaj @Vizhen books - I think Atin Gupta can also make an intro.

Checkout our firm at send me a message if you’d like to chat

This is a great fit for Ívana Bajde at Ivy Bookkeeping,Payroll and Administration

Check us out:

2 weeks ago

Hi everyone!
Any recommendations for 3pl services?
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Check out (and beware of ShipBob)

Alize Bhatia I recently came across Bolt. You can check out

Alize Bhatia are you building a dropshipping E-commerce business?


3 weeks ago

Looking for accountant for our start-up with world-wide sales. Any recommendations? ... See MoreSee Less

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Hi Eli, I am happy to help you. Please check us out: I also sent you DM with more details.

We can help you at wefinx. Send me a DM and we can schedule a call.

Hi Eli Andreas! My team at Propulsio360 will be happy to help you.

Highly recommend Connectcpa LLP Mike Pinkus. Willing to provide a reference as well if you want to reach out.

Future Balance CPAS

Highly recommended for startups if you are looking for an accountant to travel with you in your journey

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2 weeks ago

Anyone with experience in FDA approval ? ... See MoreSee Less

4 weeks ago

Quick Question: Anyone know of any Canadian companies that are founded or co-founded by foreign-born Canadians and are either:
1 - scaling rapidly (notable)
2 - have been acquired at a +$100M valuation.
3 - have raised at least a Series B or large Series A round?

I'm doing some research and trying to put together a list of great Canadian foreign (co)founders.

Any help would be appreciated. Please reply in thread.
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Aya Payments

Yuri Navarro recent acquisition mtl-based startups: Dataperformers has been acquired by Deloitte, I believe at least one of the founders was born abroad, NestReady acquired by Homebot, FightCamp is in high velocity, and Sergio A. Escobar probably can think of a few more examples.


Tobi Lutke and Shopify

Michael Stock co-founder at Shipfusion

Dapper Labs. Roham Gharegozlou.

Ask Charles Plant. He has a good database of high growth Canadian companies.

Snapcommerce, Henry Shi.

Thanks everyone, really appreciate the help with this. All very helpful examples. If you have more... keep them coming!

I could be mistaken but you should look into/chat with Alex Popa Lloyed Lobo - Boast.AI, Thomas Ligocki - Clevest, Jordan Guttierrez - Wishpond

Co founder of Wattpad - Allen Lau

Scaling rapidly and doing very well with foreing born founders: - SimplyCast - OliverPOS - b4checkin - - Bossinsights - Passiv - Motryx - Simptek

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4 weeks ago

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to streamline the invoicing process for my company and looking for some sort of customer portal/dashboard where the customer can get a list of all the invoices that have been sent so far, the number of paid, unpaid, etc. I feel that this is essential for service-based businesses with recurring customers.
Is anyone aware of any possible SaaS solutions?

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We are struggling with the same and NetSuite promised us they could do this. Chargebee is a company we have A demo with in a week or so

Check out eLabs (

Are your customers SMBs or enterprises? If they are small they will be more open to use a tool for your invoices. But if they have an ERP they will want it to be integrated wih their systems. I know a solution that does this but for medium to large clients.

3 weeks ago

Hey everyone,

We're looking for funding sources or government wage subsidies to hire young and recent grads in STEM. I know of funding programs like the SWPPs that gives wage subsidies for Co-op students, but is there something similar for recent grads?

Thanks for all your help!
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There are many, here’s one:

Bro, do you google?

If I recall correctly, Dalhousie in NS has a coop for Master in Applied Computer Science students that allows you to have a subsidized student in their last semester and then they can stay in the company. Would this help.

2 weeks ago

Hey everyone, I'm on the Board of a Vancouver based AI company specializing in improving developer productivity and velocity. Their product currently integrates with the Microsoft stack and they are looking for a few more companies that are interested in trying the product out (no cost) and providing feedback to help shape the direction and future of the product. If you have a dev team of 10 or fewer engineers and work on Microsoft, reply here or DM me and I can connect you directly to their team!


A little more on the product.... they drive several outcomes for their customers including:

• Knowing what you need to fix in 5 minutes or less

• Saving 8+ hours on root cause analysis per developer weekly

• Assessing team strengths and software development process

• Reducing developer ramp time by 50%
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3 weeks ago

Does anyone in this community have recommendations for PR professionals? Thanks! ... See MoreSee Less

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Samantha Goldsilver

Melissa Grosser-Granite. She’s not in this group. LMK if you’d like an intro via messenger.

I am an immigration consultant happy to help

What’s the vertical? There are agencies that are stronger in some vs others? Jodi Echakowitz is the B2B tech queen.

Jodi Echakowitz and her team, hands down! 🙌

Stephen Murdoch from Enterprise Canada

Ghaith Rajeh

Freelance PR pro here, done tons of tech PR. Would love to hear what you're looking for!

Jodi Echakowitz from Boulevard Public Relations

For B2B call Jodi Echakowitz! For B2C, Talk Shop - email Natalie Davidson, [email protected] I’ve worked with her a few times, she’s awesome!

I use Colette Abbott not in the group but exceptional :)

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