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2 hours ago

Hi friends, does anyone know of a PR firm with good experience in healthtech in the US? ... See MoreSee Less

7 days ago

Hey there!

I'm building out a pitch deck for our company. I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in giving some feedback on the deck and the pitch so I can get some practice?

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Hey Jonathan! I'd be happy to be a mock panelist if you are interested. I'm a lawyer working with several startups here in Toronto. Let me know in Messenger

I’d be happy to have a look as well.

Hey Jonathan, I'd be happy to have a look/give you feedback. Send me a message :)

Happy to help. Feel free to send me a message.

Happy to if I can help

Sure thing, I work in startups but I also have a background in investment banking. Send me a dm.

Be careful taking feedback from irrelevant perspectives. It could do more harm than good. Know your audience and test a similar one if you really want useful critique.

Happy to, feel free to DM

Happy to participate Jonathan Sturgeon DM if you still need someone

Paul Brassard and Volition are great for this. Try joining a pitch night.

Happy to. Seen a lot and help mentor dozens of startups a year. [email protected]

Would be happy to! Kindly DM

use Keene Angle, Story Pitch Decks. you won't regret it

Happy to help.

Happy to help!

Would be happy to help Jonathan

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4 days ago

Hi all! Looking for a business bank account recommendation. I saw BMO offers it free. Is there anything else that I should be looking for other than the obvious fee? My personal bank is RBC. ... See MoreSee Less

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You should separate your personal banking and business banking at the very least, and have a separate credit card for business transactions - sets a solid foundation for tax time etc. As for accounts, most will offer a fee, minimum $5-10/month, and depends on if you need to use cash transactions or not, otherwise go with the most basic one. Beware of Free, you will get dinged on transactions and e-transfers etc. Know what you will use it for, and anticipate what you will eventually be using it for, 6 mo-12mo down the line.

I have been with BMO BUSINESS account, very happy with it

Silicone Valley Bank. They have an office in Toronto and great services for both early-stage and growth-stage startups.

I have a BMO business account. I find it very limited for 2021. I am not able to send international payments and cannot do anything other than Interact payments to another Canadian bank.

I bank personally with RBC and have my business banking with RBC as well. I've had a great experience

CIBC and RBC offer the most stable connections with accounting software like Xero and Quickbooks.

Am on TD past 5 years no complaints. Personal and Business. Got BLOC, credit cards and chequing there. So it makes transfers and payments super easy across all accounts. In case I need to transfer between them. If you meet the minimum cash requirements then you dont pay the monthtly fees. Only thing is you need to go to the branch to open up everything as they need to verify your identity etc

I use TD - basic CAD and USD business accounts for $5 each pm. No complaints. They pick up the phone really fast, especially u call through the app. I use Amex Plat as CC - $500/yr fee, but you get special deals - had bought mostly for travel - lounge access - certainly didn't mean anything last year. Got 10% off on Dell - paid at least half of it.

Business wise - only 3 real choices RBC, CIBC and TD. If you are only CDN then maybe the others would work but those three work well with accounting packages, international and fintech add-ons.

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4 days ago

We're looking to begin financing our SRED claims to help with post-pandemic-cashflow-crunch...Any recommendations on who to work with?

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Natalia Mejia?

Reach out to I saw an email just the other day that they now offer quarterly SR&ED financing.

Jack Bensimon

I’d be happy to chat to help if you think FundThrough can be a fit to help you with your cash flow if you’re growing. DM me or you can email me at [email protected]

Definitely Lloyed Lobo

I can help. Inboxed.

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4 days ago

Any freelance marketers out there? I have a couple odd jobs id like to get done. DM, your rates, website or Upwork profiles if you're on there. Cheers! ... See MoreSee Less

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Ben Robertson any of those many friends of yours able to help?

Elizabeth Dobkin might be interested?

Hi Jake, please check DM

5 days ago

Good morning! Looking for recommendations/referrals on two (very different) asks that I've had a few tech clients ask about recently:

1. Career Coaches - specifically ones who have experience mentoring VP/above leaders growing their career in startup space
1. B2B Digital Marketing Agencies (that also help build out the tech stack).

Any reccos? Thanks in advance!
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Erik Kieser

We help build out effective digital marketing B2B strategies SocialEyes Communications for companies in various verticals. Happy to chat

Sarah Brekelmans I just sent you a DM

Just started working with Matty McComb and super impressed

Gavin Ripe Mohan at Ripe Resolution

Matty McComb for life.

Reach out to Mark MacLeod for startup executive coaching.

I can refer you a bunch of coaches we have on our platform. Here’s one highly recommend to coach executives:

Schmooz if they are looking for education/ learning/ diversity focused agencies

Reach out to Natasha Varma Reddy

Happy to chat about the B2B Marketing Stack ( You can book into my calendar directly: We've worked with Vicki at for the last 2 years developing our staff. Highly recommend if you are looking to bring in a culture of coaching. Here's her profile:

Wow - thank you all for the great reccos, really appreciate it. I will be passing along this intel to my clients (3-4) that have asked about this, and will also reach out individually. Thank you again!

Check out YEDI

Sarah Brekelmans , just DM you

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7 days ago

Hey guys, were a fintech that has experienced a significant amount of revenue growth in the last 6 months; HQ'd in Canada and operate internationally; looking to raise debt, anyone who can help arrange? ... See MoreSee Less

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Maya Gorski Cukierman?

You can send me an email at [email protected] and we can take a look. I manage professional and financial service clients personally.

Hi happy to help here as well! Sending you a DM!

1 week ago

Hi, looking for accounting / tax services for start up corporation in North York, Toronto. Please reach out for any referrals. Thanks ... See MoreSee Less

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Mandeep Manu Dhillon Mala Gupta

I would love to help. I own an accounting firm and work with startups. I will send you a DM.

check us out at

Mike Pinkus and Connectcpa LLP

Andrew Seguin At Seguin Financial

Check us out Sprint CPA


Irene May

cc: Usha Samuel

Irene May is the best!

Happy to chat! I'm in North York.

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4 weeks ago

Hi , we in the process of creating a startup for a digital marketplace. We are trying to see if there are suggestions we can get from the group regarding Marketplace payment companies that can help us collect marketplace payments and send the collected money to our target sellers worldwide? Any suggestions from the group is greatly appreciated. ... See MoreSee Less

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Hey Eric Dizon, Maybe I can help. You can dm me. More about me ->

Stripe Connect is built for this usecase.

Don’t use Stripe Connect it’s SUPER expensive. Try the team at Payment Rails. Also depending on how your marketplace money movement is structured, if any of the client’s money touches your bank account you’ll need to be registered as an MSB.

Whats the digital marketplace you are doing? What industry?

The trick is you don't want to owe your suppliers money you don't have. Ideally, the funds should go directly from your customer to the supplier. Money in-and-out of your account isn't ideal. If someone were a fraud, canceled the payment, you want the supplier to go after the customer, not you. I believe paypal has 'chain' payments that do this well. A client sends 100, paypal sends 10 to you and 90 to the supplier.

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2 weeks ago

Another random post: Does anyone have experience with blockchain and connecting wallets/creating dashboards, etc? Need a person to help with a project lol ... See MoreSee Less

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Inder Saini

Andrew Dick

you can get what u want from youtube

1 week ago

Good morning!! Seeking some accounting advice please? Favour to ask..Business operations advice...Iā€™m helping review a totally new (currently mall manual) payroll system for a founder of a software startup (handling employee calculations, issuing t1 and biweekly pay )
Team of under 20 people, some part time some full time, some contract , majority in Toronto.
Ease of use and cost are important.
If they automate adding new hires ( allowing employee onboarding flow with their SIN and personal info for tax slips) that is key!
Edit: I love the HR modules for growth HR on Humi pls dm me do you have humi experience? I need to onboard a new platform before end of April. You are awesome!!!!!ā€™šŸŒžšŸŒžšŸŒžšŸŒžšŸŒžšŸŒž
Thanks for any recommendations!
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I would farm it out to a payroll service like ADP

Risepeople from Bc is good one

Give PaymentEvolution a try. Our accounting firm uses it for ourselves n many of our start-up clients.

Wagepoint all the way for easy use and cost

Sergio De Lara - thoughts?

Wali Zia Furqan Khan

Check out Wagepoint or Humi, buy local šŸ„³

Another vote for Wagepoint!

Another vote for payment evolution. We have tried them all.

Thanks for the information.!!! Happy Friday!!

Payment Evolution They also have a benefits consultant and HR on demand. Buy local!

Wave Payroll

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2 weeks ago

Does anyone know where I can get a template for NDAs? Any specific type of NDAs that you use?
Thank you!
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Not sure where you are based but LawDepot access is free with your Toronto Public Library card too. Might be true of other libraries, that I’m not sure of

Let me know your email address and I'll send you NDA we are using for years.

I have seen and had to sign many NDAs because of the work I have done. But are they effective. I get the impression the issue has to be big enough worth going to court for- not something small business really afford. Essentially, the bark (the legal threat) is more powerful than the actual bite.

Furqan Khan Wali Zia Amro Magdy

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2 weeks ago

As in any startup, I am always trying to build a base of supporters interested in what I am doing. Among other things, it includes going to social media like Facebook or LinkedIn etc.
The promise is always there - find your niche and you will build a base. And there is no shortage of gurus telling you how to do it. Nevertheless, it often feels like smoke and mirrors.
I am curious what type of results people are really getting? We of course hear the success stories. But I am wondering if social media success reflects the business failure rate - 80 % don't really survive and maybe 80 % of social media campaigns just fail.
I am looking for opinions here.
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You're probably not getting any responses because your question is impossible to answer. Like everything, it depends. What is your business? What are your goals for social media campaigns? How are you defining success/failure? Where do your customers hang out? How much $ are you willing to put behind your campaigns? What kind of content are you posting? What's your timeline for determining success or failure? What other channels are you using in tandem with social media? There are a million variables and success or failure will depend a lot on all of those variables and more.

2 weeks ago

I have an exhibition stand and white metal stand for an iPad to take signups, worth $1k that I'd like to donate to a startup in Toronto. You'll need to spend a couple hundred dollars to add your own branding, but this will get you pretty far for when conferences get going again. Send me an email if you are interested: [email protected]

All that I ask is that you pass the kindness along to another startup. I would have loved having access to a library of stuff like this to rent out as a founder rather than making such big early investments. If this exists, please let me know and I'll donate it there. Thanks.
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Sounds like a good start up idea...

The Tool Library ? James Prince Lendy?

2 weeks ago

Anyone have experience setting up cross-border e-commerce apps? Curious to learn about how to structure sales tax (preferred softwares?) and likewise how to approach multi-currency for brands.
Would love to chat to anyone with thoughts! Thank you!
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Comment on Facebook 2394772839_10159158276287840 does a lot of work with amazon and shopify merchants

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