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24 hours ago

I'm looking to buy 15-20 monitors. Does anyone have unused monitors lying around that they are looking to sell? ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

I have a client looking for design help with an investor deck. If you have experience with companies doing Series A deals, please reach out. ... See MoreSee Less

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Kyle McDonald any interest? Mark is good people #iaconnect

Hey Mark Evans I run a design studio based in Toronto. We've worked with companies before designing their investor decks (among many other types of decks). Would love to get in touch about this project. Our work and more about who we are can be found at our website: or on our Instagram: @fookcomm If you're interested, feel free to reach out on Facebook or wherever is easiest for you. They specialize in investor marketing, including professional decks. are fabulous

Alex Gould

Mark Evans looks like you have a ton of good candidates here but I've also helped with plenty of pitch decks is our website :)

What help is needed? I can help with content, story etc - if the help needed is visual cleanup then I am not the right person to talk to

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6 days ago

I'm looking for a PEO for US+Canada. Payroll and benefits ideally. I've used TriNet in the past, but I'm wondering if anyone has experience with the new options that are out there like, Deel, Sequoia, etc. ... See MoreSee Less

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We just started using Deel and been happy with it so far.

Skuad. Cheaper than anything else. lmk if you want an intro

We used Payweb - great rates and costco benefits (they are a costco partner)

4 days ago

Long shot here, but does anyone in this group know of any consultants that can help us with a migration from Quickbooks Enterprise Desktop to Accounting Seed (a salesforce based accounting addon) ... See MoreSee Less

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Oof. That is a long shot. Does this involve inventory? Lots of data? Lots of users? Canadian entity or US or both? This could be quite an involved project and I can’t imagine an expert in both systems. That Venn diagram might not touch. Maybe start at the beginning and talk to a a QBDTE consultant who has done migrations to the cloud a lot. Jose Chatelet can you help Brian or give him some advice?

5 days ago

I'm helping a health clinic in Toronto that is looking for a virtual receptionist. They need help for the next two weeks, and then for a few hours a day long-term. If you have experience with virtual reception companies, please let me know. ... See MoreSee Less

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Salim Dharssi do you have the salary? I’d like to post on a group I’m in

Pmed you

There is virtual gurus company - they go by subscription base and they are located in calgary i believe, they can find one for you

5 days ago

Hi all, we're looking for a new insurance agent/broker to look after our business. We're a marketing agency and the business is in good standing. Recommendations welcome. ... See MoreSee Less

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I have a good referral, can you DM me your email and I’ll make a referral for you

Jeff is the bomb!!!!!!! 2979 Unity Gate, Mississauga ON L5L 3E5 Office: 905-820-8511 | Cellular 905-464-8688 [email protected] Jeffery Rodricks, BSc., OTL, LLQP, CLU ® Insurance and Financial Advisor Rodricks Insurance and Financial Services Inc. | Co-operators

Adam Singer

Try Apollo

Benjamin Levy

Doug Lounsbury at Lounsbury Life.

Zensurance. Ask them for the Goodlawyer offer!

Jack Bensimon what about Ayal?

Thanks all - appreciate the insight. Will reach out a few options here to get quotes

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1 week ago

Looking for a digital agency with experience connecting directly with Canadian post-secondary students. NOT a CPG or retail project. Looking for experience with Tik Tok, Instagram in particular. ... See MoreSee Less

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Rachel Azagury-Amirian at The Concept Agency knows this space well!

Hey Krista, I would love to throw my hat in the ring I think my team has a pretty good handle on what the young folks need you should talk with TJ.

7 days ago

Hi everyone,

Looking for advice on a good Software SRED consultant. Our platform is a massive database of startups, investors & transactions that uses AI / ML to aggregate data (

Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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Flow Ventures

We just used Boast.Ai and were very happy with the process.

Shayan Rashid at SRJ Chartered Professional Accountants

You might want to be more specific, do you want someone to help write the main 3 questions for SR&ED, T2 corporate taxes and filings, or all of that together. Depending on the size of your claim, My advice would be to do the claim yourself. If it’s just the 3 main paragraphs 2x360 words, 1x720 words) or something like that you want help with, you can do that yourself. Most consultants will take 15-20% and that will sting having to pay that when you can contact cra and they will help you along they way I’m not against consultants, but as a previous founder whose done 8 successful claims, once you get the wording and structured content you’re all set. The main thing is this will set you for future claims success. If you’ve had to fill out NRC-IRAP applications , you can definitely do your own SR&ED - it’s very similar wording and content. If you want, I’d be happy to do a zoom and show you a few of our claims and walk you through how we did them for zero charge.

I can help there - we have a firm that has done that for many tech clients of ours. It's more work than you think. Email me details: [email protected]

Bryan Watson at Flow Ventures

Julie Bond at Bond Consulting

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7 days ago

Any recommendations/insights on offering health insurance to your US people? ... See MoreSee Less

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We use

I work with Canadian startups and their employee benefits. I always refer my cross border clients to Ned Havern from Havern Benefits out of Boston. Let me know if you want an intro.

We just ask them to enroll in ACA (silver plan) and we reimbursed them.

1 week ago

Looking for opinions/experiences with HackerX - worth it for finding good developers? ... See MoreSee Less

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It’s what you make of it, for both sides. They promise quality candidates, but it is and will always be a game of finding the quality in the quantity. They’ll accept basically anyone who claims to be a developer, and mass cold email folks, so you still need to vet candidates as you would from any other channel. It’s a decent shortcut to meet many people in a short amount of time. The candidates (including myself at first) are usually not well prepared for the speed at which things move, so be conscious that people will trip up and be in a state of heightened stress. All that said, I’d rather pay for a session of hackerX than pay for a LinkedIn job post in this market. - someone who used hackerX to find a job in 2017, hired more while in that job and stopped paying attention in 2019 when we stopped attending. Not sure how much has changed since

1 week ago

If you use Discord, I would love to know any of this:

a) How many servers are you active/non-active in?
b) If you added one or two more to either what would that do to your cognitive load?
c) What’s taxing about being active?

Asking for myself, considering trying stuff there.
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2 weeks ago

Humi, Bamboo or other for HRIS? Approx 50-60 staff members and growing. Don't need it to do payroll. Humi/Bamboo look like great platforms but at $8/9 per employee/month it adds up quickly. ... See MoreSee Less

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Based on my experience and the people I've spoken with, Bamboo has the best features, updates, and service. There's also workday, namely, and Zenefits that I've heard of, but don't exactly know how good or pricey they are though. I know all the big brands generally use workday and the smaller ones usually use Bamboo.

Happy to chat about it Parker Gilpin. Call anytime.

My current company uses Humi. It’s fine. I have a good impression of Bamboo since we implemented it at my old company. Bronwen Taylor is really the person to ask. She has implemented several HRIS systems and can probably help with decisions about needs, workflows, policies, etc.. LMK if you want an intro.

We use Humi! It’s been good for us. Happy to connect you in with our finops person to chat more as he runs it? Ps - long time no speak!!

Humi has been good for us.

Many employee benefits advisors work with CollageHR and can provide access to it.

Hey Parker Gilpin check us out at would be happy to discuss with you further!

HUMI. Great suite of features and function and is growing fast. Simon Kevin and Matt are awesome as well.

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3 weeks ago

Looking for some help with Canadian grants. Anyone dealt with them in the past? ... See MoreSee Less

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What types of grants are you looking for? Speak to Paul Vice .

Jeremy O'Krafka

On this topic, has anyone used GR firms to help with grants? If yes, did you find the cost was worthwhile?

Check out Mentorworks

Another vote for Jeremy O'Krafka

Check out Just came out of beta in September, huge searchable list of grants and a team of grant writers available to help and even manage follow on reporting. Awesome team too!

There are usually plenty of free resources for grants. I found that companies who charge for services related to grants are most of the time a (major) waste of money. Just use google and ask questions. It is not very hard... I went for many (and got some) - and never used any help ( but had dozens of companies wanting to help for nice fees πŸ™‚ )

Mentorworks is the go to for grant writing besides SRED.

Talk to NuBinary , I think they're able to help you with that. They're well versed in getting startups off the ground and they can help you find the right grants.

Paul Vice can help.

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2 weeks ago

Founders, any advice on where to get your professional, general, cyber liability and worker compensation insurance cheaply and conveniently in both US and Canada? ... See MoreSee Less

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I don't know about cheap, but our company is a small company about 10 people and we use Marsh

2 weeks ago

Does anyone have any experience with offering service (online, saas) in specific regions and blocking or preventing customers outside of those regions from signing up for the service in the first place?

... See MoreSee Less

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My question would be why?

Yup. Back in 2012 I had to geoblock for my VOD service - GetFilmi (precursor to Netflix in India and global Bollywood streamer) - folks at catalog companies including Disney we licensed from mandated regionality in their licensing contracts

3 weeks ago

Hi Guys, I am looking for recommendations for a payroll software for a early stage startup. ... See MoreSee Less

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Hi. Check out Or wagepoint.

We switched to Knit and works great automatically !

- Payroll by Wave - Wagepoint

Payment evolution.

Payment evolution and wagepoint are both easy and great.

+1 for payment evolution, we use it for both payroll and business payments. their interface got a lot better this year.

I recommend Wagepoint as well

Payment Evolution is what we use and are very happy with.

Zafer Qureshi

PaymentEvolution is very startup friendly.

Wagepoint is amazing


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