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4 days ago

Hey guys, who’s used 3rd party buyer intent data (Bombora, 6sense, G2 Sales solutions or similar) to identify leads who are ready to buy?

Would love to hear about your experience. Pros/cons, what you’d improve.
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Could write a whole essay about this! TLDR - have used bamboora / G2 etc at best these are a little warmer then cold leads and it’s all account based so you need a very strong process to work them. I’ve had little success but I’ve seen other folks have better luck. These folks aren’t coming in and raising their hands to talk to sales. You’ll probably get a very mixed bag. Recorded a podcast with Tapajyoti Das - Tukan that goes over this + longer essay coming soon which I can link to when it’s live. What are you hoping to do with these “intent” accounts? Have you explored first party intent? (Reverse IP/ social listening / LinkedIn insights etc etc)

Hi Hedi BK - Full Disclosure - LeadSift is a 3rd-party intent data provider competing with the likes of the companies you mentioned, so take our opinion with a grain of salt. Pros: a) Easy prioritization for your outbound efforts b) Real-time competitive intelligence c) Great for scoring leads in your current system Cons: a) It is still NOT the same as an inbound lead/SQL. You'll still have to nurture them. Happy to chat further [tdas at]

5 days ago

Hey all, does anyone know of some social media co's or individuals that do really outstanding work? ... See MoreSee Less

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Would love to chat!

Matty McComb and his team are phenomenal at what they do! I've used them for both of my companies with great success.

Dorit SF does amazing digital marketing work and social media in particular.

For content creation and :)

Carl is awesome!!!!

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2 weeks ago

I need to hire my first employee: I’m in Alberta - what’s a good resource to find out exactly what I need? ... See MoreSee Less

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I'm an HR consultant and happy to help. DM me and we can talk about what you need :)

Good lawyer has a great employment Package. I recommend talking to Pauline

There are two things that you'll probably need to get done: 1. Draft an employment agreement. I'd strongly suggest against any ready-made templates but consulting with a lawyer. 2. Arrange payroll - you can do this either on your own with the help of your accountant, which will involve one payment to the employee and one payment to the CRA for deductions etc or you can use a payroll company where they will manage everything for you for a monthly fee.

I suggest you contact Jeff Waldman Seasoned and top notch. He'll look after all your HR needs. Tell him I recommended you. Thx.

Bronwen Taylor is a great HR consultant for startups. She does an ‘HR setup’.

Second Jeff Waldman

For the actual payroll execution, this Canadian platform makes that process a breeze:

I'm in Alberta too Janna and I used this as a resource: It's a good solid base and includes everything you need. Once you add a few people, then you'll want to hire someone to manage everything, but they can still use this resource.

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1 week ago

So I've got my proposal & invoicing processes down, but the contract / agreement segment of my client lifecycle seems to bog me down a bit.

Are there any recommended apps specifically for that, getting signatures, contract template, etc that people use?
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Zoho One.

Zoho one

I've been using

I have used Pandadoc, and industry-specific ones (Zomentum).

Proposify for the win. Integrations with hubspot and quick books if desired.

We are using Proposify. It's easy to draft the proposal with several templates. You can sign the proposal there as well. Moreover, they are Canadian. They raised their price recently but have a free version to start with.

If you need some contracts help, there is a company called CEO Law that might be helpful.

PandaDoc Qwilr Proposify are all great solutions.

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1 week ago

Does anyone have any recommendations for a trademark lawyer for Europe?
I'm looking for Europe only, not CA or US.
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Comment on Facebook 2394772839_10159697593807840 He’s based in Montreal and he has a global network… he’s handled trademarks for me in Canada, the US, the UK, the EU, Australia and China.

Jack Bensimon

Najeeb - we have some excellent IP lawyers in the Goodlawyer network that can assist with Canadian, US and EU trademarks at upfront prices. If you’d like to connect, our head of CX, [email protected], can set you up. You can also find us here:

2 days ago

Curious if there are any community slack channels to get introduced to the startup ecosystems in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and New York?

For example, in Alberta, we have the Rainforest Alberta community slack channel where you can tap into the Alberta ecosystem.
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3 days ago

Can someone please explain why some acquisition numbers are undisclosed and others are? ... See MoreSee Less

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Nobody really wants to disclose them. Everyone will render an opinion on whether the buy side or sell side "won", however, in certain circumstances it has to be disclosed if it's over a certain amount and the buyer is a public company.

Besides the above, ego

5 days ago

Looking for recommendations for a website host freelancer, specifically with experience on AWS and SSL issues. Thanks! ... See MoreSee Less

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Hi Nomi, we can help. Kindly Dm me

7 days ago

Hi folks,
Happy New Year!
I’m looking into VOIP phone services for the not-for-profit I work for and would love any recommendations.
Thanks in advance!
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Hi Nancy, check out

Edwin J Frondozo at Slingshot( is a good resource.

Www.UNiTE.CA 100% Canadian.

I may have someone for you depending on the scope and volume of work. Feel free to DM me. Thx.

Try Cloudli Communications. All the best!

I’m a big fan of OpenPhone

Thanks all!!

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6 days ago

Happy Monday, everyone. I'm looking to pick up a couple of flat-screen monitors for my boys and am wondering if anyone has a couple you're not using and willing to sell? Thank-you. ... See MoreSee Less

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I have a couple lying around that you can have. I just need to check that they still work.

6 days ago

Hi everyone! I'm in the world of saas + medical/legal psychedelics and I run an angel network. Has anyone here have any experience with creating or running an Angellist/Assure SPV in Canada? There's little activity/info that I've found online.

Would appreciate any direction or conversations if you have any experience running syndicates or angel investing. Will oblige with some locally roasted coffee beans 🤓 .
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Have you chatted with Alexander Norman?

Enrique Nieto may have some info

Hi Raad Seraj! Great initiatives, you should talk to Yuri Navarro

1 week ago

Happy Friday! We're hiring our first Director of Product, and we're keen to hear where others have found these types of candidates. As it's quite a specific role. Where would you post? ... See MoreSee Less

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Challenging role. I would look at ex-founders or senior product managers that are willing to take the leap. It might be difficult to just post an ad and wait. Directly contacting them or using a recruiter would probably be the way to go.

There is a Product Slack where many GTA folk hang out. You could also inquire about exposure for the role with TechTO. And finally, there is an ex-Shopify recruiter who is fairly plugged into the tech community and may be able to help you. Message me if you are interested in any of these avenues.

Index toward industry/market experience more than technical expertise. Product market fit is what you want to tackle first.

Recruit via Linked-in for candidates in that role working for competitors in your sector, who have launched similar products/services in the markets you want to reach.

Via ProductFaculty!

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3 months ago

Willful is going remote-first! Want to sub-lease our furnished office? It's a beautiful space on the 2nd floor of a brick-and-beam building at Wellington & Portland. Furnished by an interior designer with lots of Article, West Elm, & Structube furniture. Includes 11 desks (including several standing desks), monitors, chairs, 2 TVs, & a fully-stocked kitchen. Boardroom, several meeting spaces, & an open concept work/chill area. Lease runs until February 2023. Reach out to Jared Collis to arrange a tour, or PM me/him for details. ... See MoreSee Less

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Erin I may be interested. I love that area

Nice spot Erin!

Beautiful office!

Very exciting! Was the decision financial or cultural?

That is a killer office!

Looks beautiful

We're still looking for someone to sub-lease our office space for a year & we've dropped the price. If you're interested let me know, or email our agent Jared Collis at [email protected]

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7 days ago

Anyone have experience outsourcing development to South Africa/Cape Town?

Last time I posted about Vietnam, we were referred a few firms and ended up finding solid dev partner. So trying my luck here again!
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1 week ago

Banking guidance requested. We have a US account for our company’s US operations at TD bank. However - they suddenly revoked online access and the call center said it was because they flagged it for fraud transaction. The only way to resolve this is by travelling to the US branch. Has anyone faced such a scenario or used TD bank US. ? Any suggestions on how to resolve without travelling to US ?
Alternate bank recommendations in US that have good service for startups also welcome.
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We use for a US-based USD account.

Silicon Valley Bank is an option

Do you have a Canadian TD bank account? They should be able to help resolve this

We use for banking for our US entity and they’ve been really good. Accepted cheque scans, can send cheques/ach/wire through their online interface etc.

Relay Financial. Tag Yoseph West

TD is the absolute worst and also the most expensive in fees. Get TransferWise account.. much much lower fees

The issue wouldn't be TD - it would be with Fintrac. There are some compliance vetting companies out there that you could talk to for support , i.e AML Shop possibly.

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2 weeks ago

Anyone have suggestions for PR Firms? ... See MoreSee Less

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Gemini Public Relations -

Strategic Objectives

Ami Shah PMd you

Jodi Echakowitz would be a great asset!

I second Jodi Echakowitz at Boulevard, and would also recommend Talk Shop - Natalie Kiguel

Cold Water Communications..

Read this first Free PR:

Natalie Kiguel and her Talk Shop team are our PR Partners at KixCare.. they've been great to work with.

B2B Jodi Echakowitz and crypto/NFT Corey Herscu

Thanks everyone!

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2 weeks ago

Fiverr reviews
How dependable are they?
Does Fiverr have any security measures in place to prevent fraudulent / fake reviews, unlike Amazon etc?
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Fiverr reviews
How dependable are they?
Does Fiverr have any security measures in place to prevent fraudulent  / fake reviews, unlike Amazon etc?

Comment on Facebook Fiverr reviews How ...

You get what you pay for. It is hit or miss. Reviews are pushed to a postive score via contractor (usually in exchange for a little bonus). I have had contractors propose "in exchange for a great review, id be willing to ____" so ya.. not reliable.

If you are looking for a digital marketer / seo consultant. shoot me a PM.

Google "best SEO" and it's probably the only top result you can trust.

Jami Gaudet, reviews on Fiverr are usually given by real customers. Fiverr doesn't allow review soliciting and bans sellers who attempted to do so. Pick a seller with 150-200 or more review and an average rating of 4.9-5. Sellers from US and Canada tend to provide better quality and they are more expensive than those from low cost countries, but sometimes there are exceptions - it is up to you if you have time and money to experiment.

I would think Upwork would be more appropriate for a consultant. Fiverr's a bit like a flea market but there are some gems.

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2 weeks ago

Any suggestions for companies that allow you to do a background check on the employees based in Canada ? ... See MoreSee Less

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I use Triton

We use Mintz hands down the best on the market.

Sterling back check

We use sterling backcheck but I’ve heard people have great results with Commissionaires. I’ll try them next time.

What is wrong going directly to the police and ask for a certificate?

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