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4 weeks ago

Hey all! I've been doing the nomad thing for the last 4 years and am debating a move back to Canada.

Any other freelancers/solopreneurs that would be willing to answer a few income tax questions?

Income is nothing crazy 150-300k. But every time I do the math on potential tax hit becoming a tax resident again I cry a little πŸ˜‚

Leave a comment if you're willing thanks so much all!
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An accountant is probably a better option than another entrepreneur. Best of luck.

Hey! Where have you been paying taxes as a nomad if not in Canada these last few years if you don’t mind me asking? I’m trying to do the opposite haha

An HSBC account is your friend if your trying to transition

This is interesting! I wonder what other countries I could work remotely with lower tax rates. Canada is cold as haha.

51 minutes ago

Is there a company that makes it easy to collect banking information from my clients and make payments to them easily globally. Not just in Canada but also to the G20, if not globally. We want the service to integrate seamlessly with our web/mobile apps and have the service kick in to trigger the payout. Simplicity, speed and security is key. We are avoiding PayPal of course. If there is development work that’s fine. Hope everyone is safe and doing well! Thanks in advance ... See MoreSee Less

20 hours ago

Is there a company that makes dead easy to collect banking information from my customers and automatically setup pre-authorized debits rather than us having to create PAD files and submit directly to the bank? I'd rather delegate that responsibility to someone else for simplicity and security reasons. This needs to be direct debit from a checking account, not credit card.
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Yes - check out they are an accounting firm that does managed accounts payable is good! Have you looked into it?

I'd second Plooto but suggest trying Rotessa and GoCardless as other platforms to see which one best fits your business needs (i.e. ease of use, experience with your industry, transaction fees, customer support needs, etc).

We could build this for you...

Also interested.



We're using go-cardless and are happy w/ it

Thanks everyone! These providers seem to be charging 1%, which seems really high for essentially cashing a virtual cheque. Are these fees typically negotiable with 7 figure volume?

Carl Mercier You can take a look at Plaid. Let me know if you need any development or engineering help.

Take a look at

Rotessa, awesome system so far.

I will add Veem to the list, especially if you work across borders.

Jeff Jacobson some solid solutions here.

Check out Zum Rails.

Clearly many options available!

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4 days ago

Hello! Looking to do a complete redesign of our company website β€” shifting from B2C to (largely) B2B. Any small agency recommendations? Affordable & easy to work with. Thanks in advance πŸ™ ... See MoreSee Less

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Love C-7 media- ask for Simon Mcaffrey. He’ll take care of you.

Patrick Lyver

Rach Lemkow We’re a small agency based in Toronto. We’ve done a few B2B websites. Let me know how we can help you.

Naked Creative Consultancy - admittedly a bit biased since i currently work there, but great team, great people. Send me a DM if you’d like to chat!

We can πŸ’― help at ThinkHatch let’s connect to chat more. Joel has done a fantastic job on hEr VOLUTION's site and multiple other sites as well

Throwing my hat in the ring. I own a small agency and have worked with startups/small businesses most of my career.

Would be happy to chat! I run Stack Creative, and websites (in particular those that need some thought around messaging/content) are what we do best. Happy to chat – [email protected]

Jan Mertlík

Contact Uri Kerbel

We are a fairly new company and completed three PaaS projects so far, If you think these are upto your standards, let me know. We are super affordable.

Meet Janette Downie. She is the best. Highly recommend!

Hi Rach, happy to help with this. We are a small agency in Edmonton called Dingus and Zazzy. Sent you a PM

Hey Rach Lemkow, we can help with the website redesign! Have been working with B2B clients since 2016. Our pricing is reasonable. Check out

Fred Palmerino at

Rach Lemkow we started our digital agency late last year and looking for showcase clients. Our target market is startups and small businesses looking for all-inclusive solution. Being a new player we are very reasonably priced and currently running a promotion. Msg me for promotion details.

Looking for same. Anyone who specialize in B2C/B2B (both) websites in Angular? That’s affordable. Our current site needs a rehaul and we want to stick with Angular.


Rach Lemkow I'd love to talk!

Rach Lemkow Would be happy talk as well. I think we may be a good fit

Talk to Amir Darestani, very responsive and creative.

Check out

Heyo πŸ‘‹ would love to chat about what you’re looking for.


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3 days ago

Hi everyone!

I am looking for recommendations on co-packaging / bottling / manufacturing companies in Canada, preferably West Coast.

This would be for formulating and bottling our line of liquid chalks (used for climbing) which has a consistency of hand cream. Our bottle sizes are 50ml and we also have spout packs as well as 2.5L bulk sizes.

We currently manufacture in China but would like some domestic supply as well.
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Liquid chalk eh. Cool. No idea for an answer for you. But cool idea.

Was waiting for you to dev something like this πŸ‘πŸŽˆ

2 days ago

Are there any great Food Business Groups anyone is a part of? Like incubator type groups for support, tips, references? ... See MoreSee Less

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Larry Lau Brett Larson may have reccos. They both do a ton of work in the food space

We should start one

Please keep me posted on this. i'm working on

Omg. Best page header ever lol

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1 month ago

Have you guys found any decent Mailchimp alternatives for a 10K mailing list? Ideally with the same email design features.. MC is just becoming ridiculously expensive.

Have you tried any of these or others:
> Mailer Lite: $64 CAD/m or $47/m if you sign up for 1 year (up to 10k contacts)

> SendInBlue: $72 CAD/m or $65/m if you sign up for 1 year. (unlimited contacts)

> AWeber: $69 CAD/m or $66/m if you sign up for 1 year. (up to 10k contacts)

> Moosend: for up to 10k contacts it would be $55/m or $44/m (billed annually)
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Sendy and aws . One time cost only πŸ™‚

Check out active campaign, convert kit, send fox

ActiveCampaign is a really nice marketing CRM that is better priced than MailChimp

Email Octopus is another well priced option

Have had success with sendinblue, it’s a solid option

We’re using Braze but I can’t speak to pricing

I know my team is really enjoying Mailer Lite for one of our clients.

AWeber breaks

Hub something?

I use MailerLite; great bang for the buck!

I use one which is attached to my website through go daddy only 12ish$ a month.

We are on MailerLite too! Has some neat features like dynamic content blocks and ready to use template blocks. Surprising to see Mailchimp pumping so much money into content marketing, but the email editor hasn't evolved in like 10 years πŸ˜’

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2 days ago

Hello StartupNorth,

Looking for recommendations for billing software for a SaaS B2B app that supports the following at minimum:

- CAD/USD currency
- multiple tax types
- monthly recurring & annual
- preferred to integrate with Xero and Stripe

**must also be able to capture:
-start date, invoice date, term length, renewal date

I appreciate any insights to what has worked or what to avoid.

Thank you!
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Paddle, FastSpring or Chargebee

I’ve worked with and implemented Leapfin previously, but this was more oriented with rev rec.

Chargebee does all of that!

Chargebee is good. There is also a way to get it free (Rise Plan) until you hit $1M of billings.

Why does Stripe fit for you?


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4 months ago

Hey Folks! Looking for insight from anyone who has worked with a vendor overseas, specifically in the EU.

We're in the process of putting through a few invoices through our payables team and wanted to see if anyone has experience paying vendors in EU. What paperless options are out there? This vendor in particular is a freelancer so doesn't have much infrastructure set-up so wanted to see if anyone here has experience with something like this.

Thank you!
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John Yoo - my overseas vendors request payment via Paypal or Payoneer, depending on country availability or restrictions.

Most of our vendors are in Switzerland and they prefer a traditional wire. We have paid freelancers through TransferWise, which I understand has better rates, but I've never done a side-by-side comparison.

Transferwise (and companies like it) can do sepa transfers to their iban's with no wire fees.

+1 on TransferWise

Hey John Yoo check out - zero bank wire fees and you can pay the freelancer in Euros directly from your Canadian funds. (FD - I'm a cofounder at Remitr)

Hi John, would you mind sharing how you ended up doing this? I recently set up Transferwise to pay a vendor in Spain and found I couldn't pay from my RBC account so I paid with a credit card (fees were 0.5% less than Paypal) but then got dinged with an inexplicable cash advance charge from my card which negated any savings. Looking into different solutions.

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7 days ago

Accounts Payable (AP) automation

Hi everyone. Looking to streamline our accounts payable process for 4 Canadian companies. Our aim is to get as close to touchless as possible. I've demoed 6 vendors and they can get close but all have made it clear that it is not possible at this time to go 100% touchless. I am favoring companies with a backend team of human people who correct/fix the coding of invoices and expenses.

1. Anyone an expert in this area that has 30 minutes to chat to share what went right/what went wrong?
2. Which software do you use?
3. Which accounting software do you use?

I've spoken to Beanworks, docuware, easyaccess, konica, procurify, and SAP concur.

I am favouring easyaccess and konica with beanworks coming close.
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Have you tried Plooto? Their accounting software integration feature I think would satisfy your account payable needs πŸ‘ I’ve used them for two companies simple to use

Nick Corradino implemented Tipalti at my previous place, and now works with them, I'm sure he could give a good insight.

Have you check

Checkout it’s an accounting firm that has managed accounts payable using automation and humans on the back end.

Check out Glean. New company founded by the Ex-CFO of OnDeck Capital Howard Katzenberg that is aiming to do exactly this (not sure if they will operate in Canada yet).

Lewis Man Tipalti

I worked for developing such software before named as PN3 Solutions. I think this does what you have mentioned.

Hi Mayank Gupta let me know if you have any questions on Plooto that’s all we focus on

Tara Werbin-Waldman

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7 days ago

Anyone here who’s familiar with payroll? Looking to get advice on how to get paid by a UK company. What’s the best setup?

It’s a full-time employee position.
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They will need to register for a local BN and payroll account number. They can start paying you a salary using that then. Probably a good idea to have them lined up with a payroll account number

Two options, 1. Setup an entity in Canada like Junaid mentioned. 2. Partner with local entity, in this case you will be employee of local company for CRA purpose. UK company will sign contract with local company. Msg if you like more details.

Companies like Manpower offer local payroll services for foreign entities

I just went through this myself but the other way around. If the company you're working for is a small company and this is their first time, they will need to determine what's best for their business interests. I can tell you that we decided to stay away from payroll services. The best advice I can give is that they connect with a local accountant who does payroll to discuss what option is best for them. The problem with registering an entity is that it could have other tax repercussions for them depending on their business. Since it is possible to be an employer without setting up an entity in the UK, they might assume the procedure is similar in Canada. Connecting with an accountant will allow them to figure out their best option, what's required from them as an employer on an ongoing basis, and how much it will cost them over all.

Why don’t they pay you as a contractor?

Easiest option for 1 or just a few hires in a country is to use an EOR - like Panther. Happy to intro you to them.

Tara Werbin-Waldman

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1 week ago

Happy New Year! Looking for recommendations for an affordable option for defending trademark cancellation in USPTO. As a Canadian company, we can't defend it ourselves, and we have to hire a US-based IP lawyer which is very expensive. Do you recommend any other option or a US IP lawyer at a reasonable price. ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook 2394772839_10158934155077840

I would highly recommend Erik Pelton. He’s a great US trademark attorney and not expensive.

Check out and Anita will take care of you

We can assist you. Check out our website at Im a certified specialist in trademarks law.


Jack Bensimon

Would highly recommend Jackie Ionin - she’s helping us out now and has been great. Solo US trademark lawyer in NYC

I have worked with Andy Spivak at Mosaic Law in the US. As a lawyer myself, I LOVE him! He is terrific. Highly recommend. Reasonably priced too

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3 weeks ago

I would love to ask the experienced founders and investors in the group what you think are the most important aspects to consider and understand when raising your first round of financing.

To offer some context we are raising our seed round at , a novel investment app that offers a unique Pies and Slices investing model. Flahmingo lets user begin investing with as little as $5 and we support commission free fractional share trading so users can own a slice of their favourite companies with just $1.

First time raising capital and would like to be super prepared when engaging with investors.
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Comment on Facebook 2394772839_10158890305167840

Ashu Syal

It would be pretty awesome if you used your own investment app to fund your business.

The quality of the investor matters, both in their reputation and in how they work with you. Walk away from investors with a bad reputation or a lot of unreasonable conditions. It will hurt you later.

I can agree 100% with Jeremy Baker. When raising funds, always always always have your own representation/lawer.

How do they comply with Securities Regulation? Are they a registered crowdfunding platform?

Tarandeep Singh Kainth any luck? Where are you located?

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2 weeks ago

I'm looking to offer more marketing services to B2B and SaaS companies.

I'd like to partner with a boutique agency or freelancer who does advertising on Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn.

It's someone willing to work with small budgets (<$1000/month) as clients get comfortable with online advertising.

If interested, reach out to [email protected]
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Comment on Facebook 2394772839_10158918654807840

Jonathan Sturgeon can help with this

Mark Evans I'll send you a DM. Looking forward to hearing more!

Virul media is a great company that can facilitate

Hey Mark Evans! Hope all is well, it’s been a while πŸ™‚ I’m out my own as a small agency now - and would love to connect. I’ll shoot you an email.

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