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4 weeks ago

Hi folks,

As we continue to move to fully remote, I’ve got a few questions:

1. Any recos on mailing address services for things like Revenue Canada, etc?

2. Any best practice / playbooks that you might recommend as a starting point for operationalizing such a shift?

Thanks in advance!!
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For mailing addresses UPS, Canada Post and several coworking companies offer mailing address services. I’ve used a couple in the past. Last year I negotiated an arrangement with a neighbourhood business to use their mailing address in exchange for an hour of consulting services/year. I offered to pay them and they asked if I’d consult for them instead.

Check out check out all services and they have a mailing service. Happy to grab a call and catch up and share how my company has been remote for 7 years x Nat

3 weeks ago

Has anyone done an “asset deal”? We are planning to acquire a small software project owned by an indie dev.

Any resources/lawyer referral is appreciated.
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We haven't done one, but I can highly recommend Wildeboer Dellelce LLP

Yup - this is done extremely frequently, especially in cases of “acquhires”, where select assets are acquired and team members are given employment agreements. Any of the local law firms with tech practices will be able to execute efficiently, but I’d recommend Chad Bayne or Jeff Dennis and their respective teams.

Yes, I've done this exact type of asset deal in 2016 with an indie dev (who I also hired) and didn't get an attorney involved. I figured because the deal amount was just $21K USD it wouldn't be worth it. In 2020, I was starting to think about exiting and got nervous about the validity of the 1-pager agreement that I drafted myself and had an attorney look at it. They attached a "bill of sale" but largely the 1-pager was fine. I can send you a copy if you like.

Daniel Rizzi is excellent and very startup-friendly!

3 weeks ago

ASK: Does anyone use Vault for corporate credit cards?
I need to switch from Jeeves and this came up but not sure. (
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Have you checked Float?

Hey Najeeb Khan, check out Loop Financial. We offer credit cards like Jeeves does with better terms as well as a number of other products to support your business. Happy to chat directly if you want to learn more!

Yes, they're great! Give them a try, I know many founders who have switched over and are very happy with them

3 weeks ago

Looking for recommendations for good immigration lawyer or consultant, and specific supports for Ukrainian refugees.
Vantage has hired some awesome folks from Ukraine that came in fleeing the invasion. They are now considering applying for permanent residence, but some of their original documents were lost in Ukraine (they generally do have scanned copies). I’d like to help these folks get a consultation about their chances and the consequences if they try to apply without those original documents… probably doesn’t matter, but just in case: we are in Toronto
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I’m working with this co to get an LMIA sorted.. Calver Immigration Consulting Inc. 289-677-0108 | j[email protected]

4 weeks ago

Does anyone want to partner up and host some offsite / evening events during Collision?

StartWell has two venues available for ~200 people each during June 26-29 with full AV and everything we need for presentations, branding, bar etc - literally steps from the main conference.
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1 month ago

Does anyone have an office in downtown Toronto (suitable for 35 people) that they would like to sublet one day per week? Thanks! ... See MoreSee Less

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Qasim Virjee might have that at startwell. Or perhaps 111?

Space for 35 people or space for 35 people to work

We totally have that!

I’m surprised I don’t see this question more often. Most ad agencies are 2 days a week - and never on Fridays. There’s a big business to be built on renting out full offices only on Fridays.

Sendy Shorser

Ryan Speers - Workhaus!

Hi Jeremy - I have a great spot at king/Spadina that could be great. Happy to show it to you!

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1 month ago

I'm looking to connect with Edmonton technology companies to share knowledge of grants around marketing and sales. Please DM me. ... See MoreSee Less

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There's a company called Rewardful, where the founder is based in Ed. But they sold the business. There's another company called Showbie, which looks like is doing really well. You can hit up both CEOs on LinkedIn and they are both responsive/friendly.

1 month ago

Anyone have an experience creating a search fund or going public on the otc, cse or creating a canadian cpc for a business acquisition? ... See MoreSee Less

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I know someone who has gone public on the CSE, is there a specific question?

sent you a dm

2 months ago

Hey folks! Any one know a startup friendly lawyer who can help with employment contracts for a reasonable price? Or if there are solid templates that are detailed enough, I'd be open to those too! ... See MoreSee Less

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Darielle Mandy

Hi Nouhaila Chelkhaoui ! We used Richard at, he was great. Small shop in Toronto very supportive for early stage businesses. Happy to make a direct intro of you'd like.

SpringLaw are awesome too!

Dhruv Pal has helped me with several Employment Contracts and NDAs.

Goodlawyer might be able to help. Brett Colvin, you can maybe confirm?

Goodlawyer for sure

Goodlawyer would be happy to help!

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1 month ago

Are small business required to pay quarterly HST installments?
I was told that I had the choice of annual or quarterly filings ... I chose annual ... today I was told that my accountant just checked and I was fined 545.43 for NOT filing quarterly HST payments.
I'm in Nova Scotia for reference.
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You're probably an annual filer, but are required to make quarterly remittances if last years owing balance was over $3K.

If your net tax for the last fiscal year was $3,000+, it changes to quarterly installments from my understanding .

I'm a GST/HST Rulings officer at the CRA and the answers above are almost certainly the reason. You could confirm on MyBA if you are registered for that, or could try the Business Inquires line after the strike is over. Given that you're a new registrant I would pay the amount and then file an appeal. They will likely waive the penalty for a first time mistake.

Depends on revenues. I have to file quarterly. But even annual filers have to file estimates quarterly

This just happened to me, and kicker, I paid my 2022 taxes on time but it went toward 2023 so I was charged a penalty for that too! 😭

Phil Birnbaum that you can get fixed. I called and they fixed mine. Removed the penalty.

You get a letter from RC when they allow you to pay annual, until then its quarterly

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1 month ago

Hi everyone!
Looking for a full-service fulfillment house as we go fully remote. An organization that can ship and receive…and everything in between.
Any recos are greatly appreciated - thanks!
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2 months ago

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know of a good online training program for non-marketing founders to learn marketing and user acquisition?

Open to coaches too if I can afford their rate.

If it helps, I’m working on launching a DAO.

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Reforge has solid classes on growth / product

I'm launching a class with Founder Institute early next month. LMK if you want deets. :)

Hi Andre, I'd be happy to just give you some free advice. Sent you a DM

Hi Andre, Dayana Cadet is offering marketing mentoring at great rates (also freelance marketing services if you need). She’s pretty rad :)

2 months ago

Hey all, this is a bit off the beaten path, but i thought I'd ask my fellow biz members. I chair a non profit, and the auditors we used last year were horrible, and messed up on many levels, including sending us a confirmation of tax filing, even though they "forgot" to file it. It was one of the "top" accounting firms. And for the privilege they quoted us 30% higher this year. We need new auditors. We are a small charity (about 400K in revenues) , with a relatively simple return. Looking for referrals. The firm I use for my businesses is way to expensive for this lilttle charity. Looking for referrals, perhaps even someone willing to trade off some of the cost for sponsoship of one of our events (not a requirement, just a thought) ... See MoreSee Less

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Have you looked at BarterPay for this? You might find a firm looking to do exactly what you're thinking.

I’ve recommended Giles Osborne as the reviewing accountant for several of Mendicant Group s nonprofit clients - he knows Canadian nonprofit and charitable filing and is a solid guy. DM me and happy to share his contact details

Mike G. Goldfarb from MNP is great, I would try to connect with him and see what he can do

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