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Our friends over at TechVibes have posted a call for nominations for 2013 Canadian Startup Awards. This just screams that we also need an Ig Nobels/Darwin Awards equivalent.

  • Zombie Startup of the Year Award – Recognizing a Canadian startup that continues to live on the brains of its’ founders, but not customers.
  • The Snapchat Award – Recognizing a Canadian startup that won’t sell to Facebook, even if the offer was for more than $4B.
  • Stop the Gravy Train Award – Recognizing sketchiest use of tax payer money in our burgeoning startup ecosystem.
  • The Twerk It Award – Recognizing the media accomplishments of an exemplanary Canadian entrepreneur, who is getting as much coverage  as Miley Cyrus in 2013.
  • Keeping up with the Kanadians Award – Recognizing the startup that has watched previous episodes of startup reality TV but failed to comprehend the complex plot lines.

We’ll be announcing the awards before Christmas…And we need your help. Send us a tweet, leave a comment, or just drop us an email with a suggestion for the awards. Or just leave an anonymous nomination.

  1. I am gonna be playfully mean, sorry in advance:
    Zombie = Wave
    Snapchat = Wattpad
    Gravy = MaRS
    Twerk = Round13
    Kanadians = Start UP Canada

    Merry Capitalism to All

  2. You guys are leaving me hanging. Have already had to answer some WTF emails. Wasn’t trying to be too serious and picked on teams that should be able to handle it. But underlying is that we are too nice, community needs to be less about participation ribbons and get in the corner and throw a few elbows. Time to raise the game. Get your nominations up;). Scars make better stories than ribbons.

  3. We are too nice.

    I love the snark. And a couple of your suggestions surprised me. Which is great.

    I’ve had a few folks mention treading lightly.

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