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Mobivox takes $11 Million

mobivoxlogo.jpgMobivox, a Montreal based startup has just raised $11 Million from IDG Ventures, Brightspark Ventures, and Skypoint Capital Corp.

Mobivox is a value-added VOIP services provider focused on cell phones. They can let you connect to your own Skype account via your mobile, and can also handle your long distance calling. They also offer free calling to a huge number of countries.

In some ways, their service is a sort of glorified calling card, having you dial an access number and then patching you through, but addons like Skype access, free calling to some countries, voice recognition, SMS Call Back, Conference Calling, Mobile-to-landline transfer and Group Calling all put Mobivox way ahead.

It would be amazing if Mobivox started incorporating some GrandCentral like features, but my guess is that they will focus on building out their existing business first.

Mark Evans had some kind words in his review of their service back when they first launched in May 2007.