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Launching Tungle

Tungle went live today. As you may recall, the Outlook plug-in meeting coordinator raised $1.5M from JLA Ventures and Desjardins Venture Capital last year. They had hoped to launch a couple months after winning a 2007 Demo God Award, but instead held off to refine the product. Since then, a number of other companies including Jiffle and TimeBridge have entered the fray.

But direct competition is not Tungle’s main challenge, the status quo is. No doubt, scheduling meetings can be a pain, but changing one’s routine is a lot to ask of customers. Tungle and its backers went into the deal with their eyes open, acknowledging that people are “creatures of habit” and that it was a key risk to their venture. Time will tell if Tungle’s technology will trump routine. For now, congratulations are due to Marc Gingras (CEO), Fang Yang (CTO), and the rest of the Tungle team on the launch.

Download Tungle, setup a few meetings, and let us know if you think Tungle will cross the “creature of habit” chasm.

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