in Week in Review

Weekend Reading – April 26, 2008

We have an exciting week ahead! LoyaltyMatch, Brainpark, Natural Semantic Modules, SocialDeck, and AskKinjo will be pitching at StartupCamp Toronto. And the amazing whip-cracking Leila Boujnane, CEO of Idee, will be kicking off the night. If that wasn’t enough, another 20 startups will be pitching at CIX. We look forward to catching up with everyone at the events. If you couldn’t get a ticket, don’t despair, join us at the SummerCamp Afterparty Tuesday night from 10pm – 3am at Circa (126 John Street).

How to avoid the pitfalls that are happening to the .coms right now… just ask Ali Asaria of

Check out this nifty Brainpark video.

More than AAA Beef coming out of Alberta… iNovia Capital has set up shop in Edmonton with local partners.

How did we miss this one right in our own backyard? Toronto based Adcentricity raised $3M from Propulsion Ventures.

Idee’s image search engine TinEye, in private beta, is now officially searching 487,000,000 images. It is scary cool.

Gigpark Founder Pema Hegan’s notes from the Rick Segal Roadshow.

Open (Irish) Coffee 2.0… StartupDrinks Montreal next Wednesday, April 30.

Many thanks to the StartupCamp Toronto Sponsors:

Arshad Merali | Daniel Shapiro, Microsoft | Mike Middleton & Frances Fast, Q1 Capital Partners | John MacRitchie, OCE | Jacob Senderski, Benefact Consulting