in Week in Review

Weekend Reading – June 28, 2008

The Competition Policy Review Panel, released a report advocating the Federal Government should lower barriers to foreign investment, liberalize foreign ownership restrictions in a number of industry sectors, and open the border to talented immigrants. Amen!

Praized announced pre-launch partnerships with several business listings providers including the Yellow Pages Group. Now if they could only do something about those hideous yellow ‘find’ darts strew around town…

Patrick Lor thinks Your Pitch Sucks.

ConceptShare made it onto Inc. Magazine’s list of top collaboration tools.

Outsourced widgets – what if they crash and burn? One more reason to use iBegin Share.

Toronto based email archiving company Fortiva, which had raised $7.5M from Cargill Ventures, Ventures West, and Mclean Watson Capital was acquired for an undisclosed amount by ProofPoint.

How to guarantee a VC will pass on investing in your company… The Cinderella Approach.