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Yaletown Ventures closes $65M

It might be the end of the world as we know it for venture capitalists. But Vancouver VC, Yaletown Venture Partners, announced their $100M Second Fund with $65M closing today. The fund is focused on early-stage investing in clean tech and IT in Western Canada.

"The support that Yaletown has earned for its first two funds in extremely challenging market conditions, from institutional and technology industry insiders alike, is a strong endorsement of this team and its investment strategy," said Haig Farris, retired co-founder of Ventures West and one of Canada’s most respected angel investors.

This quote by the retired cofounder of Ventures West says it all. A strong investment team with a strong thesis can raise money in down times. This is true of entrepreneurs and startups. Good ideas, good businesses and great execution make it easier for startups to raise money even in tough times.

Yaletown has done a number of IT investments including: