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New Ventures BC Competition is now open

new ventures bc competitionNew Ventures BC is a competition for BC startups that has been running since 2003. The competition is open to new companies that have “not yet secured significant financing from “outside investors” (ie. investors other than friends, family, and company founders)”. The competition costs $100 to enter and is open to B.C.-based privately held companies (full eligibility requirements).

Registration for the 2009 New Ventures BC Competition is now open! Competition deadline is April 20th, 11:59pm.


The new 2009 prize structure includes:

  • $120,000 British Columbia Innovation Council First-prize package
  • $63,000 British Columbia Innovation Council Second-prize package
  • $37,000 British Columbia Innovation Council Third-prize package
  • BC Hydro Sustainability $40,000 prize
  • BC Bioenergy Network $20,000 prize
  • British Columbia Innovation Council Economic Impact $20,000 prize

If you’re an early-stage entrepreneur with a new technology business idea, join us!

For details and to register for the competition, visit or call 604-725-5740.

Competition deadline is April 20th.

The questions and evaluation criteria are very interesting set of metrics for any startup looking to raise money. The questions are not all encompassing, but they are an extremely complete list of the types of discussion that is required during the initial fund raising. Check out Round 2: Feasability Test and Round 3: Venture Plan of the Contest Rules for details about what your business plan should cover.

  1. Product/Service: Describe your product or service and the nature of the technology.
  2. Technology Development: Describe the development stage of your product/service.
  3. Team: Describe your company’s strengths and weaknesses. List the credentials of your technical and management teams, and if applicable, advisors and board of directors. If you don’t have a team, describe the key positions and critical skill sets that you need to add.
  4. Business Plan Status: What research has been conducted, what remains to be done, and how and when you anticipate doing so. What key sources are included to document and support your plan?

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