Teaching Entrepreneurship

The first book I remember reading about starting a new tech venture was High-Tech Ventures: The Guide for Entrepreneurial Success. It is a book that was written about entrepreneurial ventures in the mid to late 1980s. Surprisingly much of the advice and particularly the venture economics remains valid. However, much of the manufacturing and marketing advice doesn’t apply 18 years later. The good news is that there are a ton of online resources that are available to round out the education for entrepreneurs.

It’s great to see that Velocity, SIFE and Impact are making it easier for students to learn about entrepreneurship as a career path. Maybe I need to put some effort into adding content to StartupSchool.ca to make a valuable resource for entrepreneurs and students.

GigPark.com acquired by CanPages

Gigpark logoIt’s hard not to like Pema and Noah. The two founders of GigPark have been two of the hardest working and (more importantly) most focused founders to have come out of Toronto in the last few years.

We first covered GigPark in February 2008. I loved the site, and the focus on maintaining the integrity of the social network, but I wondered whether they could build the mass needed to go from walled garden to healthy ecosystem. Then, earlier this year GigPark partnered with Metro, a free national newspaper.

Today CanPages is announcing that they have acquired GigPark. The deal also received a nice mention in the Globe and Mail.

Pema and Noah are examples of what a laser focus on product will get you. They released early and they continued to develop GigPark with regular releases and improvements. The key here though is that they got the product out early and didn’t try to come up with the perfect product from day one.

When I first started using GigPark, I didn’t remember to go back to the site regularly, but over time GigPark became an integral part of how I found new places to eat and businesses to call. As my network slowly grew, it became not just useful, but critical.

I am feeling especially proud to know these guys and to have had the chance to watch them grow from first release to acquisition. They have been behind-the-scene supporters of a lot of the community and have always encouraged the entire Toronto community.

Noah and Pema will be staying in the CanPages family for a little while, but I am sure it won’t be long before they are back in action.