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Rescheduling Founders & Funders

Did you know that Feburary 15, 2010 is Family Day?

It wasn’t something I was thinking about when scheduling Founders & Funders in Toronto. Attendance requests have been very positive. But there has been a theme that we should consider rescheduling to be considerate of those with families (hey that’s me!). I’m working with the venue to find an alternative date for Founders & Funders in Toronto. I’m leaning towards March 1, 2010 as the alternative date. I’d like to get everyone connected before we head out to SxSW, Mix and other conferences and events in March.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I heard you’re not doing Founders & Funders, is that true?
    A: We are still doing Founders & Funders. Details will be announced later this week. The first round of attendees have been selected, and as soon as the venue confirms the new date tickets will be made available.
  2. When is the next Founders & Funders Toronto?
    A: It is To Be Determined but this
  3. How do I attend the next event?
    A:  You need to apply for a spot. Space is limited (approximately 80 available spaces). And we are trying to ensure a great balance between the number of founders, funders and service providers.
  4. How much does it cost?
    Ticket pricing is: Founders – $125; Funders – $250; & Service Providers – $500. Tickets include appetizers, dinner (3 course meal), and wine with dinner.

I hope to have final details and invitations available by Feb 8, 2010. My apologies for the last minute changes.