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Twitter acquires Smallthought (the dabbleDB people)

Twitter announced today that they are acquiring Smallthought, the company behind DabbleDB and Trendly.

About 4 years ago, Avi Bryant landed at Democamp 5 and blew us all away. Not only did he show off one of the sexiest apps we had seen yet, his demo set the bar for everyone that came after.

This does not seem to be a large acquisition by any stretch, and neither side is playing it up as such, but it is a well deserved kudos to Avi and the team for what they have built.

It is hard to argue: For Canada: it sucks. More of our top talent going south and disappearing from the Canadian scene.

Those days are over however, with the C100 and an increasingly healthy startup community here in Canada, there will be many opportunities for the Avi’s of our community to contribute back, and perhaps return some day better than ever.

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