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Social Intranet Summit Vancouver

One of my favorite startups in the last few years has been ThoughtFarmer. Every few weeks I check in on them and think “Microsoft hasn’t bought them yet?”. ThoughtFarmer’s social intranet is easily the most polished out-of-the-box experiences in the Social Business Software world right now. They have decided to put on a conference in Vancouver, which is coming up very soon. There are a few spots left and we were able to get a discount code that will give you $100 off, even this close to the event.

Conference speakers include Dion Hinchcliffe, Enterprise 2.0 blogger for ZDNet and Senior Vice President for my old company Dachis Group; Stewart Mader, noted wiki expert ; Andy Jankowski, Director of Intranet Benchmarking Forum (IBF) North America; Bert Sandie, Director of Technical Excellence at EA; and Dan Pontefract, Senior Director and Head of Learning at TELUS.

You can see the full speaker list on the conference website.

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Oh, and check out this hilarious video to promote their newest addons for ThoughtFarmer. It is an example of low cost but effective product education and marketing by a bootstrapped startup. Steve Ballmer makes an appearance as well.

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