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Launch at GROW

Ready to launch this summer? The clock is ticking on a great opportunity to launch your startup at the GROW conference.

Startups from across Canada can compete for a chance to Launch at GROW. 15 startups will be chosen to showoff on August 17 and the 4 most popular startups will have the opportunity to pitch on stage at the full day conference August 18. Over 600 attendees including top tier investors, entrepreneurs, and influencers from Canada and Silicon Valley are attending.

Less than 48 hours remain to submit a pitch. Upload a short video or photo with a description of your company here:

See you on stage.

  1. Thanks Jonas.  We would really love to see the east coast represented.  All you have to do is upload your logo and hit submit.  Get some exposure.  The only reason you *wouldn’t* do it, is you think you’re too cool – which you’re not, so just do it. :-) Seriously though, let’s showing off the best Canada has to offer.

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