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iUpload moving south

Word comes from Suzie at Venture Law Line that iUpload, an enterprise blogging platform based in Ontario will now be moving south to the US.

iUpload recently took on a large Round A of funding which came in at $7 million from two top tier American Venture Capital funds.

It’s another missed opportunity for Canadian venture money, which could have easily put together the $7 million needed, and could have kept the company in their own backyard.

iUpload competes most directly with California based blogtronix, who are currently trying to raise their own funding round. With marquee customers like McDonalds, who are actively using their platform, iUpload might not have the most visibility of all the players, but they have the most traction in their space.

The most interesting thing about iUpload? For a blogging and Social Media company, they don’t do very much blogging themselves.