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Clay Tablet Technologies – Translation Middleware

Clay Tablet Technologies, a Toronto, Ontario company made a few interesting announcements today. The first is that they are partnering with SDL as a partner to allow SDL clients to glue their translation technologies in to content management systems.

Clay Tablet has an interesting position in the market. They sit between large content-focused systems, like a document management system or content management platform, and outside providers of translation services. Clay Tablet automatically manages the routing of content by connecting directly with content management systems, allowing for the immediate and automatic sending of content out for translation.

What I love about this approach is that once they are deployed, Clay Tablet then plays a vital role in the relationship between the two additional vendors. This means that they can continue to build revenues while having to spend an order less of effort in servicing the customer.

Their client list is growing impressively, and with today’s partnership announcement, we will undoubtedly be seeing a lot of new customers coming on board.

Their second announcement today was that they are releasing version 2.0 of their product, which is a significant improvement over their previous versions.

The long-term opportunity for Clay Tablet is significant. I don’t have to tell you how big the translation business is, or how much it is growing year over year. There is not a company in the world that doesn’t require translation services at some point, and by acting as an easily integrated middle-man, Clay Tablet can profit handsomely from that need.

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