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Dan McGrady: 7 Reasons Why My Social Music Site Never Took Off

Dan McGrady has been on a roll with some great posts lately, and “7 Reasons Why My Social Music Site Never Took Off” really grabbed my attention yesterday.

Dan started Contrastream last summer. I liked the site a lot, as I think music discovery is a huge problem that is being approached in the wrong way by the major music sites/stores. The site was well put together and full of potential, but it just didn’t take off.

This is where, I believe, Dan is making the shift from being someone who cobbled together a website to being an entrepreneur. Instead of hiding the fact that Contrastream didn’t really take off, Dan is making a clean break, reflecting on what he learned and what he did wrong, and he is hitting the ground running with his next startup: IntegrateSales

Dan’s reasons his site never took off? Read his blog for his full analysis

  • Design Perfection
  • Underestimated the ?Cold Start? problem
  • Market Size vs Business Model
  • Bad launch
  • Competition
  • Motivation
  • Co-founder
  • Derivative Idea

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