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Founder Fuel Jam Session in TO


Nothing like the last minute planning around here. Ian Jeffrey (LinkedIn, @ianmtl) from FounderFuel is planning on being in Toronto today (June 27, 2011) and tomorrow (June 28, 2011). He is planning on meeting with startups and founders to share his experiences launching FounderFuel, the mentorship and incubation/acceleration plan for participating startups and to talk about tech startups generally. If you are interested in talking with one of the emerging technology company incubators/accelerators you should come and talk to Ian and learn about what is being offered in Montreal. There is a lot of choice in the marketplace for entrepreneurs, and the best way to see the differences are to connect with the people behind the scenes like Ian and the FounderFuel team. This is a great way to evaluate the program, get introduced to the people, and connect.

FounderFuel Jam Session

June 28, 2011
7 PM EDT – Presentation & Overview
8 PM EDT – Startup 1-on-1s and discussion
Camaraderie Coworking, 102 Adelaide Street East, Toronto, ON, Canada [map]
Register to attend:

From the looks of Alexa Clark’s (@alexaclark) photo exposition at Camaraderie, it is a great space to host a startup. I know that Matt (@mattskilly) and Aron (@defrex) at Hipsell have their startup offices there. It is a great space for startups requiring a great work space, a central location, and the benefits of an enabled coworking culture.

Beer Station at Camaraderie - Some rights reserved by LexnGer
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  1. FounderFuel, Demo tour, webOS connect.  All happening on the same day within the same time slot.


  2. I’m guessing it means you might have to chose. Argh, the paradox of choice. 

    Did you apply or are you thinking of applying to FounderFuel or other accelerator? If yes, then probably worth the stop. Ian is a great guy, and figuring out if he and the team at FF are right team for you is definitely worth the effort.

  3. damn! so, hopefully tho, there will be someone there who can blog about same…would LOVE to have been able to make it…but clients “do” get in the way, eh! & take pix too pls!


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